Gov’t sure of a boost in cocoa production

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Comment: Economy hitting families hard

The mask
2015-06-11 00:21:58
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Gov’t sure of a boost in cocoa production

The economy is hitting many families hard and many have run out of ideas.

Boachsoft Finance 2012 software, developed in East Akim Municipality (Akyem-Maase and Bunso) in the Eastern Region of Ghana and in Accra/Sakumono, is helping many families across the globe to balance the family budget, amortize loans and save for the future.

The next version is set to be released in December 2016. Use only the 2012 version.

For more information on managing family finances read the following articles:

blog.boachsoft. com

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The mask on Jun 11, 2015 00:21
Economy hitting families hard