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ECG compact can be reviewed - US Ambassador

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2016-09-14 13:38:02
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ECG Compact can be reviewed - US Ambassador

ONE CLASSROOM ONE PROJECTOR, ONE SCHOOL ONE POWER GENERATING PLANT, ONE CLASS IN A SCHOOL UNDER TREES ONE TAPOLYNE TENT: Mahama should as well implement the following 3 policies: (A). ONE CLASSROOM ONE PROJECTOR (B). ONE SCHOOL ONE POWER GENERATIING PLANT (C). ONE CLASS UNDER TREES ONE TAPOLYNE TENT. Obviously, the One Student One Tablet is a hoax. It is another opportunity for Mahama to enrich RG Electronics, his bosom friend Agambila's company. 1. They will double or even triple the prices of the tablets/ 2. Do we have electricity supply constant to warrant tablets use in schools? 3. Is Mahama and NDC going to provide One Classroom One Projector too? 4. Will the computer laboratories be used in the schools after students get the tablets? 5. Will the tablets be free or the students will pay for it? 6. Will teachers also be given the tablets? 6. Will Mahama provide EVERY class in schools under trees with Projectors too?
7. Will Mahama and NDC also provide EVERY JHS AND SHS with ONE Electricity Generating Plant too to provide electricity for teachers to use projectors (ONE CLASSROOM ONE PROJECTOR)as they try to implement their infeasible, create loot & share ONE STUDENT ONE TABLET policy? Mahama and NDC have no credible policies and programmes to move Ghana forward in educational and economic development. In the NDC manifesto highlights, there is NOTHING on boosting manufacturing industries and job creation.
CONCLUSION: This One Student One Tablet policy/mantra WILL NOT WORK in Ghana. Cape Coast University is attempting to implement it for their Distance Learning Programme WITHOUT SUCCESS. Their distance learning students still carry ALL their textbooks with them to Tutorial Sessions at their designated campuses. Mahama and HDC are JOKERS.

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Francis on Sep 14, 2016 13:38