Akufo-Addo lacks credibility to protect Ghana’s properties - Ga South MCE

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Comment: national demonic company(ndc)

attu zongo
2016-10-10 18:40:08
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Akufo Addo lacks credibility to protect Ghana’s

Yes this is exactly what I was waiting to hear from the criminal and incompetent greedy bastards corrupt national destroyers company(ndc) bcos their campaign messages are finished hence to lie, lie, lie and completely and criminally lie about NANA ADDO personality.
1. When NANA ADDO mother was telling him that were you there ndc?
2. How many of such hooligans buffoons criminal national destroyers company(ndc) saw NANA ADDO mother and father physically when they were alive ndc?
3. Criminal and corrupt president Mahama and national destroyers company(ndc) lied
to Ghanaians since 2008 ~2012, that, a. Incorruptible and competent Nana Addo was a wee smoker, cocaine dealer, divisive, and does not likes human beings?
4. Now your campaign message again to Ghanaians is that , b, NANA ADDO has sold his inherited properties acquired incorruptibly by his late parents ,AND SO WHAT? Is that the message of hope for Ghanaians?
5. The small and honest Incorruptible and competent NANA ADDO message of hope from 2008~ 2012, was that free shs and now the greatest messages of hope and competent reliefs to God fearing Ghanaians is that, 1 district_1factory, 1 district_1million$, 1 village_1dam, and to crown it all with a free shs that will exit with a diploma called the high school diploma.
So you see you these crop of leaders in government call the national destroyers company(ndc) knows nothing than stealing, indiscipline, and gross world class lies,lies,lies!!!!.
Aaaah national destroyers company(ndc) you are truly incompetent, corrupt, stealers, thieves, criminals,greedy,vagabonds and buffoons, .Incorruptible and God fearing Ghanaians shall surely reject you come dec 7 bcos even during your primaries ,the presidential candidate of these piffle crops of leaders called national destroyers company(ndc) john Mahama stood alone on the ballots yet 37% of your electoral college rejected him so whether you likes it or not Nana Addo shall surely win massively so that corruption n incompetence will be arrested and jail at gambaga prisons paaaaaaaaa.
Incorruptible and God fearing Ghanaians just drop Mahama(jdm) for Nana Addo and npp massively .
#ARISE for MASSIVE change now! ! ! ! ! !!

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attu zongo on Oct 10, 2016 18:40
national demonic company(ndc)