PDS cleared of wrongdoing

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2019-09-05 22:59:02
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PDS cleared of wrongdoing

Surprise. Surprise. Anyone else in a tender if the bid bond is found to be fake the contract is immediately cancelled for non compliance or fraud. But NOOOOOOO in the case of PDS everything is perfect. Fake guarantee is fine. No problems. No investment put in to get 51% share of the company and even the guarantee is fake. Nothing wrong. Why should it be. When you are hand picked for something by political connections you can never be wrong. It is the usual bogus investigation and then rubber stamp it as CLEARED. Everything is perfect. Let us move on to the next clear case of corruption scandal or conflict of interest and be ready for the regular rubber stamp of CLEARED. With wat is going on these days I am vomiting and having diarrhea at the same time. It is just making me sick. Even the media has become deaf and dumb and limp like a coco soaked bread with no voice or reaction.

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Paps on Sep 5, 22:59
Re: PDS cleared of wrongdoing