Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

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2019-11-12 08:06:20
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Ghana being ruled by 'fools' – Odike fumes

Well said. I know some Ghanaians will try to insult you for saying this, but it’s the truth. A fool is a person who acts unwisely or imprudently, and it is very clear that our leaders over the years have acted unwisely and imprudently. They have lacked wisdom and judgment on basic national issues, and their poor decision making is the main reason we are suffering today. This is not something that started today, our leaders after Nkrumah have been useless, they have run us into the gutters. It keeps getting worse. You listen to some of the things our leaders and politicians say and you understand why we are suffering, their level of understanding is bellow basic, they have no vision and lack the needed wisdom to lead a people. Even common sense they either don’t have or can’t apply. It’s amazing how many of our people follow and support such people because they dislike one political party or the other.

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