Three suspected armed robbers arrested on Tamale-Fulfulso road

Robbers Arrested In The North The robbers were arrested few miles away from Janikura in the Central Gonja

Tue, 11 Sep 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The 'Operation Calm Life' high way patrol team plying the Sawla-Damongo-Fulfulso has arrested three suspected armed robbers on the Tamale-Fulfulso road Sunday afternoon.

The robbers were arrested few miles away from Janikura in the Central Gonja District of the Northern region after they attempted to escape from police raid.

The robbers; Galadima Umar,Adam Ibrahim and Madam Umar, all in their 30's and identified to be Fulanis, were spotted on motorcycles by the patrol team around Junction. One of them was holding an AK-47 rifle and when the police attempted to stop them, they fled off on their motorcycles towards Busunu along the Tamale-Damongo road.

The patrol team pursued them in a wild race and finally apprehended them some few miles away from Janikura, a community were most the robbery cases have been recorded in recent times.

The robber wielding the AK-47 riffle allegedly threw it into a near by bush whilst they were being pursued by the police before the apprehension.

The robbers believed to be having other accomplices are currently in police custody at the West Gonja Police Command assisting the police with investigation.

Information gathered by the Northern regional correspondent of Ghanaweb from the PR Department of the Northern Regional Police Command indicates that, further inquiry is to be conducted into the matter.

Ever since the arrest of the culprits which has since become topical on the only local radio station in the District, Radio PAD, not only have residents gathered at the police station to catch a glimpse of the suspects but have taken keen interest in the case.

Many have called for an immediate execution of the culprits if found guilty to serve as a deterrent to others.

They said the armed robbers have tormented their lives for far too long, considering the many recorded cases of armed robbery within the area in recent times leading to untimely lost of lives and properties. "Enough is enough,"in the lamentations of many.

Following the upsurge in armed robbery cases, the West Gonja District Assembly had adopted a number of measures to clampdown on the menace.

At the just ended second ordinary meeting of the assembly, the DCE, Hon. Saaed Muhazu Jibreal disclosed that, about five people(traders) were injured through gun shots by robbers and one of them, a 21-year old female student died as a result.

The incident he said occurred between Janikura and Kojope on Monday 27th August, 2018, at about 6:00pm when the traders were returning from Buipe market.

After a series of DISEC meeting, they had agreed to reposition the patrol team along the Busunu-Kojope stretch of the road and to give escort to vehicles from Sori number 2 and Sawla on Market days.

Among other things, the Executive Committee had recommended that management should support the police to deal with all reckless riders of motorbikes in the District and that an interface meeting between Fulani herds, Chiefs, Crop Farmers, Livestock Farmers and Cattle Owners on the effects of cattle destruction on crops should be held.

Most of the armed robbery cases are noted to occur on market days in areas such as Sori number 1&2 along the Buipe road,Sawla road and Janikura along the Damongo-Tamale road.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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