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Ghana's name was taken from Mauritania - Security Analyst

FAROUK AL WAHAB2 According to Dr. Farouk Alwahab, Ghana is made up of tribes before it became a republic

Thu, 15 Oct 2020 Source: dr. farouk al-wahab, contributor

Security analyst Dr. Farouk Alwahab's interview on GN Radio UK concerning Togoland issues and other matters turned controversial as some listeners disagreed with some of his views.

The learned diplomat and academician was hosted by Dr. REN on his Morning Show called TRUTH and FACTS on Wednesday October 14th, 2020 in London and he had a lot to say on the historical background of Togoland and the Separatists.

According to him, Ghana is made up of tribes before it became a republic.

He explained more that the 1844 agreement or declaration made it clear that all British territories will be given back to Ghana.

So after the Second World War Germany was forced to relinquish control over Togoland so the British took over that territory, organised a Plebiscite and a new country called Ghana was formed out of the Gold coast and also given a Republican status.

A republic which captures all tribes under the new country.

So he wondered how any group would want to form a country out of a Republic.

He made it clear those calling for that shouldn't be entertained because other regions are not complaining.

"What will the people of the Western region say, that they also want a separation? Since 60% of Ghana's mineral resources come from there? No! Ashanti Region there was an attempt to separate themselves because of the kingdom's nature which is the second economic contribution to Ghana's GDP . There's no Military occupation in the whole of our country , or Ansawad, No Al Qaeda in any part of our bush , No Vigilante nor Islamism in Ghana,

"Primarily one can have these things done when you have declared stateless and living in the bush but in the case of Papavi and cohorts they still live in our towns, holding Passports , voting in elections and using the resources of Ghana so it is not possible and also very wrong on the part of the media and the President to apropos them as secessionist,"

He added it is treasonable, subventional and a criminal offence for any group or persons to lower the flag of Ghana without an official consent from the government.

In expanding his argument Farouk Al Wahab also stated that there are laws on these matters which is if western togoland wants to separate themselves they should bring money and inform the Government to throw up a referendum so that voting will be organised in towns, territories to know those who will join or remain in Ghana.

Dr. Farouk Alwahab however wandered into controversial waters when he said the name Ghana was "stolen" from a town in Domisara, Mauritania.

This view is contrary to what some Pioneering African Historians have told Ghanaians as to how Ghana got her name.

He went to reveal Ghana as a country is not on good terms with Mauritania after "stealing" a name from one of their towns and using it as our country's name.

When asked by Dr. REN on what his thoughts are on the high possibility of a civil war in Ghana , a comment made by Dr. Vladimir Antwi Danso as he warns Ghanaians, Dr. Farouk stated that he respects his opinion but strongly condemns and disagrees with the position.

"It is not possible even though that is his opinion but in putting on emphasis that the minority tribal settings in Ghana is scattered in the north with look to 80 languages, there has been several instances of fights either over market, yam, or Guinea fowls none of them has slipped into civil unrest and for that matter participation of the ethnic groups.

In the Greater Accra Region there was a chieftaincy fight between the Teshie's and Nugua it did not flip over. Konkomba–Nanumba conflict The basis of the war were tribal claims over land ownership. At least 1000 and as many as 2000 people were killed during the conflict there was no flip over," he said.

Source: dr. farouk al-wahab, contributor
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