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Lawyer Okyere Darko Addresses Kwakwaduam Association Inc. of New York

On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Ghana’s Independence, Lawyer Okyere Darko was invited by the Kwakwaduam Association Inc. of New York as a Guest Speaker at a Lecture. The theme for the Lecture was “Being a Good Ambassador of Ghana”

In his “submission” Lawyer Okyere Darko admonished the members of the Organization to live by the tenets of the laws of the US and to pay attention to the nuances that leads to “Living the American Dream”. He said America is a great nation and the land of opportunity but he stressed that America is also a land that respects and enforces its laws. He said America rewards hard work and suggested that it is the land of equal opportunity and we should take advantage of that opportunity. He took the advantage to explain the implications of Immigration Laws. He gave an insight into the current immigration trends and how to navigate them successfully.

He said we should be proud Ghanaians, showcase our heritage and at every opportunity present Ghana as a beacon of Africa, land of peace and a Business and Tourist Attraction.

The President of the Organization, Mr. Mark Saforo said that he expects the Leadership of Ghana to engage the Diaspora in a collaborative atmosphere so that the Diaspora can be of meaningful use to National Development. On his part Mr Stephen Sackie was of the opinion that after all said and done “Home Sweet Home”


Dr Asiedu a Private Practitioner of the famous Oman Clinic in New York said he was impressed by the foresight of Kwakwaduam Association in organizing such a lecture.

The Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Alex Boafo, a Gynecologist at the Albert Einstein Medical School. He said Lawyer Okyere Darko’s presentation was excellent and that it motivated the membership of the Organization and hoped that he will oblige future invitations.

It was an interactive value added evening with a lot views and opinions expressed.

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Source: Alex Boafo

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