Diasporian News Tue, 20 Aug 2013

NPP UK to NPP - Remain calm and focused

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) branch in UK is advising members everywhere to remain calm and focused on the party's agenda. In the short term the Party is battling the Electoral Commission in court to have the last December elections overturned, and in the long term we are looking to administer Ghana in an atmosphere of development in freedom. This is the agenda of the party and all members, including all its functionaries must remain focused on this plan.

The Branch has observed with dismay the recent attacks on some of its party functionaries by some leading members of the party. While the Branch condemns in no uncertain terms the statements purported to have been made to various press houses by Dr. Wireko Brobby, Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe and Dr. Kobina Arthur Kennedy as irresponsible and divisive, we nevertheless advise the Party to move on from those comments and remain united and focused.

Our Party must rise above its detractors, internally and externally and remain focused. It must also realise that in times like this some of our own members with questionable loyalties will sail close to the wind of the NDC or its government. They will offer interviews to the NDC rented press and other media who are unsympathetic to our cause because they are prosecuting their own selfish interests to the detriment of the wider party objectives. The least time spent on these party members, the better for the party. The Party must also treat all matters relating to its members as purely internal matter and deal with it in a measureable manner according to the Party’s Constitution. The party must not allow itself to be dictated by forces outside it to determine its course of action.

The Branch also reiterates its unflinching support to the Party leadership who are leading the present petition, including its entire elected and appointed officers who are prosecuting the party's agenda. The branch knows that the decision to go to court was made by the highest body of the party, which is the a National Council, and therefore any member who criticises that decision publicly, or does not use the laid down internal mechanism to do so, is working against the party and must be dealt with under the party's Constitution.

As a Branch we will continue to work with other external branches to ensure that NPP achieves both its short and long term objectives. We are ready to support the party's course of action after the Supreme Court verdict on 29th August, and pledge our loyalty to any call made by the party.

For the three members, the Branch's simple message to them is to put up or shut up. We believe that whatever their motivation, they are being influenced by their own self-interest, self-importance, and are doing their damage to satisfy their pay masters who we believe do not have our party’s interest at heart.

They are charting a very dangerous path which will lead to their own destruction in the eyes of right thinking members of society. The branch advises them to rethink their strategy and change their Ode to Destruction.

Hayford Atta-Krufi Chairman

Source: NPP UK