Diasporian News Sat, 10 Jun 2006

Paris Central Pentecost Assembly


If I were to ask you to describe in one word the present situation of the church as you see it, what word would you select?


I doubt it, but I wish it were true!

A good deal of evangelism is going on today in France and we are thankful for it; but the wind of the Spirit seems very still, and the atmosphere is very stuffy.


Perhaps in some ministries, but for the most part, it?s " Business as usual?. It will take more to move the church than rearranging the worship service and hanging up a few banners. REASSESMENT? Yes, a lot of things, studies are going on and we hope they will be useful.

But my fear is that the church body is getting an autopsy at a time when it really needs a resurrection, proper REPENTANCE and mutual RESPECT in the love of Christ for each other. The Church does not need an authoritarian corrupted by power but a CHRISTLIKE SHEPHERD TO WASH THE FEET OF OTHERS/ HUMBLENESS! RUIN? Not as long as God is on the throne and there are people willing to listen and obey! NO matter how dark the hour, the stars are still shining; but we?ll have to look up to see them. I?m a realist, but not a pessimist. Please, those hired to work in this hurly-burly must do Christ and his Church a favour by refusing to flame the fire. We gain nothing when the battle is lost and won instead the LOVE and PEACE of GOD must reign.

After a good deal of thought, I think The Church has had its share of hypocrites and religious hucksters yet the tares and Wheat will grow together until the Lord returns. Then why get all worked up?

Mr Presiding Elder, let us go on our knees confess our sins and be an example for many.

Our problem is not that Parisians have suddenly found sinners in the Church, much to the embarrassment of Christians. NO, the public has known about sin in the Church has survived. Evangelical Christians today are not like a group of school children, standing around blushing because we were caught breaking the rules. We are more like a defeated army, naked before our enemies, and unable to fight back because they have made a frightening discovery; the church is lacking in integrity. Dear Presiding Elder, I know you have some intentions but good intentions do not solve problems. Meet the builder, Meet the architect. Weak elders dancing to your tunes will break the walls of integrity. Do you have a presbytery who knows how to construct?

We need to go to work, we need to go the Bible, we need the Pauls and who will counsel the Peters. I was at the new site, what went on depicted an unrepented heart. Before going to the new site I was at the retreat. And? And? the bombings were another symbolical representation of arrogance on our part. Instead of brokenness, pride took its place. No Elder counselled you. Perhaps because of fear. They are afraid of the macho shoulders and the battle of the jungle. My dear brother we have all sinned before the Lord let us fast and pray for forgiveness. Sometimes the ultimate proof of the sinner is that he does not know his own sin. The crisis today is similar to the one Jeremiah and his people faced in the days just before the Babylonian captivity. It is also similar to the one Nehemiah faced when he risked his life to rebuild what the enemy had destroyed.

?We die down in our shame?, wrote Jeremiah, ?And our reproach covers us?-(Jer. 3:25) God said to the nation through His prophet, ?And I will bring an everlasting reproach upon you and a perpetual shame, which shall not be forgotten? ( Jer.23:40).

Can the Elders, the Deacons, the "Assofomaame", the Presbytery, Pastors outside who are filled by the Holy Spirit be before the Omnipresent God and say these allegations are not true? The Church of God is TRUTHFUL and those who work in it must be truthful.

Dear Presiding Elder, our God is a just God.

It is not the allegations that matters but the Truth, not internet but the Truth. And that one day we shall all be before the JUDGEMENT SEAT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD WHO KNOWS EVERY HIDDEN THINGS. IN all HUMILITY, without demure, let the entire church in France as you are their acting district Pastor, the acting National Head, summon us to pray to our God for the FORGIVENESS. For had we not been doing such carnal acts, our name would not have been on the internet. Enough of the group who are poised to fight with their pens. We are a church not political parties. We know how to heal our wounds in love.

Please Mr Rockson, thank you for painting out things which we have COWARDLY concealed for years but would you on the other hand let us solve the problems in a godly harmonious way.

May our God forgive us.