Early congress will help rejuvenate NDC, mend its wounds - Young Cadres

Ndc Flag22 Leaders of the NDC have been fighting each other after the party was defeated in the 2016 elections.

Thu, 17 Aug 2017 Source: Daniel Kaku

A group calling itself, Young Cadres Association (YCA) of National Democratic Congress (NDC) has called on the hierarchy of the opposition NDC for early congress to elect its executives.

In a statement signed by its General Secretary, Mr Bright Botchway on August 16, 2016 and cited by Daniel Kaku stated that as part of the party's procedures which involves the special and national delegates’ congress as in Article 22 of the party's constitution which provide the avenue for elections potentials to run the administration processes of the 'Akatamansonian' family.

"I would hereby caution our party faithfuls who are not involved in the race, to lay aside the behaviours of dirty backdoor games just to receive praises," he cautioned.

Below is the full statement;


As part of the party's procedures, involves the special and national delegates congress as in article 22 of the party's constitution which provide the avenue for electing potentials to run the administrative processes of the Akatamansonian Family .

Indeed, I have foreseen few challenges which may retard the target of our preparations prior to 2020 with respect to this year's delegates’ congress...

I have foreseen the fact that, this delegates’ congress could lead to blame games where many controversies could be generated when not critically, strategically and structurally conducted. This, when it comes to bare may lead to washing of our dirty clothes in the public and that, weaken our foundation ahead of 2020.

I have also predicted the fact that, delays in our intra - party reorganization may negatively effect our preparatory mechanisms which may lead to our colleagues from other parties mainly the elephant fraternity, to fabricate, cook and lie to Ghanaians about our party as they did during the 2016 elections.

Also, delays in our internal reorganization may lead to delays in soliciting for funds to run our campaign activities. This when it happens, may hinder our parliamentary ratio as we might have predicted, and may predict with time

Also, we need to allow the party's constitution, significantly article 42 of the party's constitution, to take its full course prior , during and after our elections as been our hallmark . As this is ensured, our activities would be run with peace free from coercion and unconstitutionalities which differentiates us from the lawless internal nature of the animal (elephant) family/fraternity.

However, I will also suggest that, peace and unity should be the watchword of the internal contestants since this is sensitive and catalyses party development or destruction as occurred in both the NPP and the CPP primaries respectively which generated quite a number of internal controversies.

Also, I would hereby caution our party faithful who are not involved in the race, to lay aside the behaviours of dirty backdoor games just to receive praises.

As the saying goes that a word to the wise is enough, I hope the party would take the above suggestions into consideration and ensure the smooth conduct of this upcoming exercise to the benefit of the Akatamansonian Family ahead of our anticipated 2020 victory.

Long Live NDC Long Live Young Cadres Long Live Ghana


Bright Botchway (General Secretary for YCA, Member of Central Region communication team)

Source: Daniel Kaku
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