Coronavirus: Suspend all court sittings with immediate effect - Lawyer to Chief Justice

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Comment: 100% False

Anus Taya
2020-03-18 09:55:33
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Massa I think you should advise this lawyer to read more about covid-19 and how it is spread. Is the lawyer trying to tell the whole Ghana that he or members of his doesn't go shopping? How about his numerous clients coming to his office and paying consultation fees? How about his clients using ATM to take cash? These so call know-it-all should spare us the nonsense. I am a charted Chemist and i can tell you that the lawyer is spilling garbage. Covid-19 is just like any flue. The body can fight it by it self. The court are more spacious than the office of the lawyer so if he understand that more spacing (about 2 meters) between individuals is okay to reduce the spread through cough and sneezes he woon't be speaking like an ignorant who thinks he know-it all

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