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CPP Youth Organizer resigns; joins Nduoms's PPP

The National Youth Organizer of the Convention People's Party, Mutala Mohammed has resigned from the party with immediate effect and has decided to join Dr. Nduom's Progressive People's Party.
Below is the full statement by Mutala Mohammed 
Because of the bastardization of my famous pronouncement “NOT A GODDESS FROM EGYPT OR EUROPE CAN DECIDE FOR US” and because of the issues surrounding my interdiction is by definition controversial, I will like to say exactly what I mean and therefore request your permission to read from a script.
At the end of this press conference, I know some people will accuse me of being a neo-colonialist stooge, CIA paid agent or a mole. And your media houses will accuse me of having given hospitality to horrific and dangerous neo-colonialist ideas. Yet I will speak.
I will speak because the founders of our party and country spoke; I will speak because all over history, it is the inability of the voices to speak for the voiceless that we continue to linger and wallow in social injustice. I speak not only for myself but for Kofi Adams and all those who have been wrongly accused for speaking their mind and have not being served justice. For injustice anywhere is not only a threat to justice everywhere but a step towards the destruction of our world.    
In my party, if you disagree with Samia on a date of congress, you are regarded as anti-Nkrumahist; if you ask for a little pragmatism and pro-activeness on the part of leadership you are termed a pseudo Socialist; if you even drive in a luxurious car, dress elegantly or own a factory, you are regarded as a capitalist. It makes me wonder sometimes what at all is Socialism or Nkrumahism.
Is socialism wearing tattered clothes and Wellington boots? Is it the ability to rant and accuse people of being capitalist and coil into your beds to sleep? Does one become a socialist or Nkrumahist by mere association or relation? 
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, I don’t intend to lecture you on what is socialism and what is not because I don’t know it, but to make the point that the aforementioned is not Nkrumahism or socialism.
Indeed Nkrumah had several rich men supporting his struggle. Nkrumah himself cannot be described as a peasant, proletarian or a middle class person when he arrived in Gold Coast. At most Nkrumah was part of the revolutionary intelligentsia of his time. My understanding is that, in any revolutionary venture or political struggle, you may necessarily need the inputs of all the classes in the society to achieve the desired result.
An example is the Cuban revolution. Fidel, Mati, Raul and Che were not peasants themselves but helped to bring all the peasant and middle class together to overthrow the ruling classes. It therefore baffles my imagination that in Nkrumah’s party today, we cannot tolerate each other’s opinion. The basic ingredient of every socialist party is engagement or discourse on issues that are polemical in nature. That is why we use dialectics as one of the tools of analysis.
The CPP of the today is not the CPP of blessed memory. The CPP of today is busily engaging itself in maligning each other and advancing personal and mostly parochial agenda. The CPP of today is a conservative cult; you are either the son of a DCE under Nkrumah’s Government or a beneficiary of Nkrumah’s Government, you are either a young pioneer or a student of the Nkrumah ideological institute.
It doesn’t matter your commitment towards the advancement of the party; once your relative was part of Nkrumah’s administration or you can eulogize and fantasize Nkrumah’s struggle against colonialism, you are the true Nkrumahist. What irony?
Meanwhile the people pointing accusing fingers are worse with regard the same accusation they label other persons in the party. These people unlike us are in the party not because of ideology or principle, but because their fathers or grand fathers were members of the party some times past. To these people, party organization is seen as filial duties and therefore in-lieu of reasoning and strategy; they attach emotions, nostalgic feeling and fanaticism to party work. Any idea that is progressive and practical that will inure to the benefit of the party is regarded alien once it contradicts with the status quo.
A typical example is ceding the logo of the party in order to nip the unity talks with the PNC in the bud have become an insurmountable problem for decades now. This is certainly not party organization but preservation of property bequeath to a family. As I once said “ When this party will be destroyed finally, it will not be destroyed by the capitalists or the avowed enemies of Nkrumah (UP ELEMENTS) but by the sanity of its ideologues, people who think party organization is all about understanding Marx or Lenin; also by the sanctity and purity of Sons and daughters of past CPP leadership’’. This postulation is a maxim.
Before I go into my main issue, I will like to digress more to speak to you with some candor about what is happening to our party today. If what I say is responsible, I am responsible and the opposite is true. I hope you remember the infamous “Nduom nonsense must stop” interview Hon. Samia Nkrumah granted to Joy fm. In that interview, when Samia was asked if Dr. Nduom’s exit will not cause the party to lose many supporters, she said and I quote “absolutely not it will open the floodgates for our well wishers and our sympathizers to come and help us’.
Ladies and Gentlemen I guess we all have to wait until December 7 to measure the gargantuan number of people who flooded the constituencies of the CPP after the exit of Dr. Nduom. In that same interview also, our chairman also spoke of men of integrity, honest men and women who have no baggage around their necks. These pronouncements I know was the immediate course of the “Nduom Nonsense Revolution”.
Comrades, I am not sure who those men are but is Hon. Samia talking about men of integrity who are being accused of sleeping with house maids? Is she talking about the honest men who buy state houses and turn their backs and say another thing? Is Samia talking about moles who are accused of being MI6? Or is Samia talking about energetic youth who are known NPP moles in the party? Or is Samia talking about chairpersons who are accused of taking money in the name of the party and using it on their husbands? Or knowledgeable undergrads who cannot even graduate? Which of the baggage is Hon. Samia talking about? I need clarification for I am highly flabbergasted by these double standards.
I challenge Hon. Samia to show me the men of integrity she is talking about and I will also come with a dossier of these men. The baggage’s of Hon. Samia alone is enough to full the ‘Ghana must go bag’. Talking about baggage; are talking about the misappropriation of the IEA FUNDS? Are we talking about the financial malfeasance? Well I will defer the issue of these baggage to a later date.
Ladies and Gentlemen, let me address the reason d’être for this Press Conference. This Press Conference is to update the public and the rank and file of my party via your medium of the status of my interdiction. As you may all be aware, I was interdicted on January 5, 2012. After several calls upon the disciplinary committee of the party to invite me to answer to allegations that have been leveled against me; the Party finally called me to appear before the committee on March 16, 2012; which I did. After 5 months of interdiction, my lawyer wrote to the party to reinstate me or haul the party to the courts.
The members of the disciplinary committee quickly called me and asked me to withdraw that letter. Again I withdrew my lawyer’s letter for the sake of the party. On the 12th of June same year, the disciplinary committee finalized their report and laid it before the Central Committee. The Central Committee rejected the report based on flimsy excuses and asked the disciplinary committee to go back and change the report.
The disciplinary committee, which was led by no mean a person like the former chairman of the party, Professor Edmund Delle, decided not to change anything in that report since their reputation was at stake. Ladies and gentlemen, my interdiction is at a cul-de-sac after 10 months and the members of the disciplinary committee have all tendered their resignation. Is this the transparency the chairman and leader of our party promised? Is this the no baggage perfect human being she professed to be? This behavior is undoubtedly contrary to the ethos of our society.
Fellow Comrades and country men, I have once told you that, the 17 charges against me were unfounded and baseless. I have done nothing wrong to be interdicted and the process leading to my interdiction was Kangaroo in nature. My only crime was my association with Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom. I believe that, the son shall not bare the inequities of the father even if those inequities are proved and in this case they are not.
It is necessary to investigate before legislature and the line between investigating and prosecuting is a very fine one. We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and conviction depends on evidence and due process of law. Any dubious process other than these processes of law cannot be regarded as transparent.
As a party and country, we have resolved to take democracy as the system of governance. We have resolved to tolerate each other’s opinions however our hate for them. These ideals are collective and no group of individuals can trample on it for personal political aggrandizement. We will not walk in fear of one another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreasonability. Reasoning and not personal agenda should be our driving force. Hon. Samia must not give credence to allegations leveled against her father in his last days in office. Samia should not increase the perception that her autocracy is inherited from her father albeit I don’t subscribe to that. She must not be the scar on the family of the great Osagyefo.
Ladies and Gentlemen, if we dig deep into our history, we will realize that we did not descend from fearful men. Not from men who fear to write and associate. Our founding fathers were brave men. The likes of Nkrumah, Dankwah et all fought for our freedom when the whole Africa was asleep. I will not be cowed to submission because of intimidation, harassment and persecution.
I am adamantly resolute in my position even as I bow out. I bow out chest high knowing that I have been cleared of all charges. The disciplinary committee’s report cleared me of all charges and I am very grateful for Professor Edmund Delle and his team. At least they have proven to the world that, they are men and women of integrity. This is not time for men and women who oppose Samia’s method to keep silent. Stop calling me to speak or act on your behalf. I can speak for myself only. So act now before is too late.
Comrades, I cannot end this piece without enquiring about these honourable, gallant and true Nkrumahists.  I want the media to find out the whereabouts of Professor Akosa, BrightAkwetey and Kwamena Benyarko and the rest. Are they still with the party? What roles are they playing in the campaign of Abu Sakara? How much money are they contributing to the campaign? Why is Dr. Sakara campaigning with only three executives? These are questions whose answers are glaring for all to see. These Honourable men are conspicuously missing in this year’s campaign too. Does that mean Abu Sakara is also running a one man show? If the answer is yes, then Dr. Sakara is worse than Dr. Nduom.
If the answer is no, then there is something absolutely wrong with the loyalty of these men. What I know is that, these honorable men find non-existent flimsy excuses to abscond from the campaigns for future ambition and to save their faces. It is either them or nobody. They understand Nkrumah more than anybody yet they do nothing to advance the course of Nkrumahism. Every chairman or Presidential candidate is a mole who has been planted by the neocolonialist to ensure the party does not come back to power. All these accusations are without a shred of evidence. You can check it for yourself since the days of Professor Delle, Chairman Ladi Nylander and now Samia. I used to believe in these fairy tales until I started asking questions.
It is this same poison Hon. Samia was overdosed with and she developed hatred for Dr. Nduom albeit he brought her from her Italy base; from nowhere to somewhere today. I mean from “shwee to pee”; from a common journalist to her MP status. Again google and see for yourselves what these same men who are behind Samia today said about her. You will be shocked! They even said Samia cannot make her way around Kwame Nkrumah Circle. What could she add to the CPP’s campaign they always ask? Yet Chairman Ladi Nylander and Dr. Nduom stood by her to win her Jomoro seat.
Today Hon. Samia thinks these gentlemen are evil and anti Nkrumahist. Is gratitude no more a virtue in this country any longer? If you ask Samia in private she will tell you how remorseful she is for all that happened. I want the rank and file of the party especially the youth to know; until they rise to fight these so called leading members of this party and set the Nkrumahist agenda, the party will never go beyond the 1% they chalked in the 2008 elections. Until a surreptitious insurrection; what I call insidious treason is waged against these fifth columnists, some of us cannot hold onto the party. If care is not taking, the party will lose its only parliamentary seat come December 7. I am speaking from evidence gathered from Jomoro. I don’t want to be an executive member when the party will chalk less than 1% of the votes in the coming election.
Also interesting, why did Dr. Sakara not attend the launching of Hon. Samia’s in Jomoro?  Why is it that when you go to Jomoro, Samia Nkrumah is the only parliamentary candidate whose billboard does not include a photograph of the party’s presidential candidate? Like Julius Caeser, the ghost of Nduom hunts the Convention People’s Party. If Dr. Papa Kwesi is Julius Nduom, then the fate of Brutus awaits Dr. Sakara come December 7th. As for Cassius Samia I have nothing to say to her but say “I shall meet thee in Fillipi”. Where Fillipi will be JOMORO!
In conclusion, I want the Central Committee and the leadership of the party to know that; I am one of the few roses that grew on concrete. I took my birth from a humble and peasant family; I was born in a community where education is not considered a priority.
I was born in Abossey Okai Zongo where every metal or scrap can earn you some cedis; where travelling abroad is the order of the day; where all my peers were either drop outs or never attended school at all. Yet I defied all of these and educated myself in one of most bizarre circumstances. I chose CPP as a party based on principle and ideology. I walked into the CPP after my degree and started my political life. I met Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom when I was reading my Post graduate course at the University of Ghana. I am a self made man and I know the rules. When I speak, I speak for myself and myself only. All the people who know me know that I speak my mind without fear or favour. Any impression created as though I am doing the bidding of another man is nothing but an insult to me. If your decisions were based on the fact that, I am associated with someone, then you got it all wrong and the repercussions of denying someone’s justice will visit you. This fight is not about being re-instated to the position of a National Youth Organiser.
No! Hell No! Everybody in Ghana knows that I earned that position and I don’t have to fight for it. This fight is about Justice; it is about the rule of law; it is about principles and conscience. Once I am cleared by the disciplinary committee of party itself, I need not fight again.
I THEREFORE RESIGN AS THE NATIONAL YOUTH ORGANISER OF THE PARTY AND A MEMBER OF THE CPP. God knows it is a painful decision but I have to go. When one door is closed, many more are open. From now to December 7, I am going to be a VOLUNTEER for Dr. PAPA KWESI NDUOM. The sun is shining and I AM AWAKE!!!!!!!!!
I humbly ask for forgiveness from party members and members of the public whom I have faulted in my quest to seek justice. Thank U and may God bless us all.
Comrade Mutala Mohammed
Fmr. CPP National Youth Organiser

Source: radioxyzonline
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