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2012 Ghana Movie Awards: How Not To Organize A Show

The 2012 Ghana Movie Awards was its 3rd edition and the venue was the Accra International Conference Centre.

Whatsoever may have been the problem must be a huge one because the event started at around 11:00pm GMT. Time issue has been a problem in Ghana but on this day, it went ‘gaga’. As of 10:15pm, the venue was still under decoration.

Some attendees who had obeyed the clock came on time and had to wait outside for those putting finishing touches inside the main auditorium to finish. Some attendees had to leave to their waiting beds.

Though later on, the organizer told us that the lateness occurred because they wanted to meet the time difference of the ‘outside world’. Isn’t the explanation a ‘medicine after death’ one?

Because of the unorganized night, which to some ended up abruptly, we cannot bluntly comment on the flaws of who should have won or not, though from our preview before the event, we smelt a rat in the organization which in return became glaring on that night.

The Press who were there to cover the event one way or the other ended up regretting their decision to attend the event. That regret started when two camera men were indecently handled inside the auditorium. They were treated as though they weren’t invited to the venue after all their accreditations were intact.


The event is over, but the usual sardonic humor will not stop yet, more also to add salt to the injury, the tragic-comedy incident that happened on the night will for a long time linger.

Amidst this, let’s tell you that Yvonne Nelson was the biggest winner with her produced ‘Single and Married’, grabbing the nod for Best Film, Best Cinematography, and Best Director among others.

Here were the winners on the night:

Best Actress in a lead role (English) – Nadia Buari

Best Actor in a Lead role (English) – Van Vicker

Best Actress in a supporting role (English) – Anita Erskine


Best actor in a supporting role (English) – Rahim Banda

Best Actor in a TV series – Funny Face

Best Actress in a TV series – Efia Schwazzneger

Best TV series – Bongo Bar

Best Cinematography – Kwame Awuah for Single and Married

Best Director – Pascal Amanfo for Single and Married


Best Picture – Single and Married

Best Music Score was – Azonto Ghost by Bisa

Original Screenplay – In the Cupboard

Best Visual Effect – B14

Costume and Wardrobe – Monica Agboli & Nicolas Nsiah, Ghana Police

Best Editing – Enoch Opoku for Grooms Bride

Best Art Direction – DJ Varga for Rain

Best Actor in an African Collaboration – Alex Usifo for Off the Hook

Best Actress in an African Collaboration – Patience Ozorkor for Untamed

In all this, we want to wish you all a beautiful and blessed holidays! It’s important that during this period, you have fun, party, eat, drink, and sleep. Just responsibly enjoy yourselves without worrying about anything.

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb