Entertainment Sun, 31 Dec 2017

4 annoying behaviors Ghanaian ladies should leave in 2017 - Comedian DKB lists

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The year 2017 has provided us with some good and bad moments, and in a few hours time it will come to an end. As it comes to an end Ghanaian comedian DKB urges Ghanaian ladies to leave behind certain annoying behaviors in 2017.

The comedian in a short video with the caption "Ladies somethings must stay in 2017, watch and know, we are not joking anymore" shared on his Instagram page listed the annoying behaviors Ghanaian ladies should do away with.

"To the Ghanaian ladies who see every guy as a brother, why can't you see me as a boyfriend? Please boys, when they say that tell them, oh, I also see you as a sister but I believe in incest so I can impregnate my sister, stay in 2017."


"And those that when the boy proposes, the moment he proposes, your mother sick, your auntie's nose is paining her, hostel fees I have half I'm looking for half, the half is in 2017, stay in 2017," Ghana comedian DKB listed.

Source: joshthevanisher.com