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4x4 still together, solo songs just to build brand - Captain Planet

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Hiplife musician Captain Planet of 4x4 has refuted claims that the alliance has fallen apart.

The trio group in the past weeks have fuelled speculations of a possible split following series of singles being released from their camp but the musician born Jeff Silvanus Dodji Dovo Negro has nullified the rumours.

Speaking in an interview with JoyNews, the “Obi Agyi Obi Girl” hitmaker who currently is enjoying massive airplay said splitting up is not an option for them.

“We just released a song just two months ago so 4x4 is still intact. We will be releasing songs, album, and videos very soon so people should watch out for it. This is just a single that I am embarking on.

According to Captain Planet, members of the group comprising Coded and Fresh Prince are consequently pursuing solo careers in a move to keep the name of the brand relevant, revealing that a number of singles will be heard from each member of the group subsequently.

“They have their own singles. Prince has like eight singles out. Very soon people will be hearing a lot from us. We are doing that all in the name of building up the group and staying relevant and keeping the brand name alive because it takes a long time for the group to release so whiles people are waiting for the group songs to come out they will be hearing solo songs,” he said.

Captain Planet likened the move to that of duo group R2Bees where Mugees and Padae plough solo paths in their career but still stand together.

“For instance the way R2Bees are doing, like Padae has his own songs and Mugees has his own but they all come together as R2Bees”.

Captain Planet said he understands the public concerns about the group’s long silence but assured that they are going through a revamp and hope to be better.

“There is no issue at all. I think last year we went on TV and Radio and we were telling people that we will be releasing solo songs because we didn’t want to get them confused. People might not get the whole picture clear so we have to go and let them know that this is what we are coming to do. So I think we informed the public before doing it”.

Commenting on his expectations of what his gone viral “Obi Agyi Obi Girl” single could bring to him in terms of awards he said;

“I don’t really focus on awards so much. We’ve been there and any good thing deserves to be rewarded so if anything comes along I think it is something to motivate me”.

Captain Planet’s “Obi Agye Obi Girl”, featuring Kofi Kinaata is expected to be a Christmas favourite.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com