Music Mon, 17 Nov 2008

A-Plus attacks radio presenters

One of Ghana’s leading hiplife artistes, A-Plus has expressed concern about the seemingly lukewarm attitude of radio DJs and presenters towards the promotion of Ghanaian music. He criticized presenters for failing to promote local artistes and music; a situation which, according to him, had resulted in the collapse of the Ghanaian music industry and is also killing creativity.  Watch Video: A Letter To The West by A Plus

He thus called for drastic measures on the part of stakeholders. “We have a number of good music stars in the industry but due to lack of promotion our talented stars are not being heard. We need to promote our local artistes to the outside world that Ghana also has good music icons.” A-Plus added that radio station owners should also be blamed for allowing their networks to be used to undermine the local music industry. He said since music is a powerful cultural tool that can determine a society’s state of enlightment and advancement, it is very necessary for a society or country to concern itself seriously with the kind of music that is aired on its radio networks for public consumption.


He pointed out that the promotion of Western music in Ghana has negatively contributed to the collapse of the country’s culture and has also influenced the youth in the country to adopt Western culture. A-Plus is one artiste who talks about critical issues in his songs about politicians, especially those who become insensitive to problems facing the electorate soon after getting their mandate to serve.

Source: ghanamusic.com