Entertainment Sun, 4 Dec 2016

A-Plus exposes Lydia Forson after she referred to him as a 'clown'

It has appeared that, musician cum politician, Kwame A-Plus seemed not happy with actress Lydia for tagging him as a 'clown'.

Kwame A- Plus just like Keneddy Agyapong won’t forgive anyone who tries to play smart on them especially when they have offered you assistance in one way or the other.

Lydia Forson started this brouhaha when she published an article on her blog describing the NPP and its supporters as intolerant and over-confident. Lydia went to the extend of predicting great defeat for the NPP in the upcoming general elections on December 7.

Kwame A- Plus on his part misinterpreted her blog article and went live on Facebook which also ignited some anger in Lydia Forson.

Lydia Forson then took to her Facebook and blasted A- Plus.

A- Plus not leaving any stone unturned also fired back at her, revealed all assistance he gave her some years. He wrote,

“Entertain a clown and you will become part of the circus.” I saw this on Lydia Forson’s wall after my live video. 3 hours, just 4 comments. These are the stars you have in Ghana. Tweakai!!! Let me make this lady popular with my #deadcareer.

Me I don’t fake. I don’t run. I don’t pretend. I come straight at you. Because I don’t fear you!!!

Today I’m a clown…. after I got you a visa in a day, just a day and found someone to buy you a business class ticket to rush your ass South Africa. See this one oooo. You say NPP are intolerant, you have forgotten so soon what happened when I was busy trying to get someone to ask Ibrahim Mahama if you could stay in one of his apartments in London. The person I contacted said you have written something about President Mahama so they don’t want to hear your name. That is tolerance abi? You are just fake madam.

Me I’m like Kennedy Agyapong. If I do you good don’t insult me…. I’ll refer you!!!”.

Source: Fredericknoamesi.com