Entertainment Tue, 3 May 2016

A woman’s body is sacred, no sense acting nude – Susan Peters

Multiple award winning actress, Susan Peters, on Tuesday, said nudity in movies was not African.

Peters told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Lagos that performing nude scenes in front of the camera was an extremely personal decision.

According to her, the choice was for the actress and the actress alone.

“Acting nude in movies is not African, I cannot act nude.

“This is because a nude scene will always live on till the end of time. So you might want to keep that in mind, especially if you are planning to have kids one day.

“Acting nude is a no go area for me. Even as a single lady then, I never did it, and I will not do it now that I am married’’, the actress said.

Peters, who has 50 films to her credit, said she had never supported nudity, adding that one could take off some clothes in front of the camera but not be totally nude.

She stressed that in African culture, nudity was not supported.“If I act nude, I am going to face my mother and family at home.

“My other and some family members would think that I have gone mad if I act nude.

“My mother will shout to high heavens and say that people in the village has followed me to the town to perfect their destruction.

“We need to preserve that culture of women’s body being sacred and some parts of our body hidden”, the actress said.

She said that African culture had to play a major role in what was depicted in films.

“We should also promote arts, entertainment, morality, uprightness and at the same time, showcase the ills in the society”, Peters added.

NAN reports that Peters is not only an award winning actress in Nollywood but also a successful model, interior designer and beautician.

She is from Benue State and married to Koen Croon, a Dutch.

Source: Dailypost.ng