Entertainment Sat, 29 Jan 2011

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Abeiku Santana Detained At Chop Bar

Persons who had gone to the popular Heavy-Do Chop bar in Accra could not believe their eyes last Wednesday afternoon when celebrated broadcast journalist Abeiku Santana was ‘detained’ because he did not have money to pay for several bowls of fufu he had consumed with friends.

Abeiku, expensively ‘dressed to kill”, had gone to the trendy eatery in the company of about six friends and had feasted themselves, amidst loud chatter while they joked and laughed aloud as if tomorrow would never come.

Moments after eating, Abeiku was relaxing with a toothpick stuck between his teeth as he turned his tongue to make funny sounds in his mouth when the waiter brought him the bill.

Abeiku spent a long time searching all pockets on his clothes only to realize that he had no money on him. The waiter would have none of that as he waited for the money. Abeiku then got up to search his pockets some more and that drew the attention of other clients who were busily shoving morsels of fufu down their throats.

Already, Abeiku is a well known face and his presence at restaurant had caused a stir, thus the embarrassing situation attracted more observers as he searched his pockets, with the waiter standing close by. The journalist finally managed to get an amount of GH¢2 from his pockets but the amount was way too little to pay for a single’s persons food. The situation got more embarrassing as more people started to realize what was going on and some even started to pass comments.

One person suggested jokingly that the waiter should make Abeiku pound fufu or wash dishes to compensate the amount of food he had eaten. Eventually, a gentleman, who News-One got his name as Selorm and is said to be a friend of Abeiku, came to his rescue and footed the bill. Abeiku explained that he had money in his wallet but could not remember where exactly he left it. “I believe it would be in my car or somewhere but I am surprised”, he told News-One.

He eventually left the restaurant a free man and entered his black coloured Toyota Prado. Abeiku has a huge following on radio. He takes the airwaves by storm from 2 to 6pm on Okay 101 FM every weekday.

Source: News-One

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