Movies Wed, 2 Jun 2010

Actress Cries Foul Over Facebook

BEAUTIFUL GHANAIAN actress, Emilia Brobbey, has registered her displeasure about a Facebook account which bears her name and every information about her, and which is currently causing identity problems for her on the worldwide web and other areas.

According to the actress, she is not the one behind the said account, and neither does she know whoever is behind it. She told BEATWAVES in an exclusive interview over the weekend that she had to close her personal Facebook account because of the account in question, adding “The person happens to have more friends than me, so I have decided to deactivate my account. When people search for me, they see the account with more fans and they think it is mine, so I stopped. ”

Presently, Emilia said she is in a state of despair as she does not know the manner of conversations that have been ensuing between the mystery person behind the account and her fans, who may be thinking she is the one they have been chatting with.

The actress said, “People call me and they go like why am I not accepting them as friends. But I go into my account and there are no such requests like they claim.

I want people to know that I am not on Facebook, so anybody who goes in there and chats with any Emilia Brobbey, is not chatting with me.”

Emilia said she feels so bad about what is happening since the person can use the account to also blackmail people, for which she will be held accountable.


She said “I personally created my account to meet my fans, but unfortunately, that person has taken advantage of my personality, to outwit me.”

According to her, she tried tracing the person with other people’s accounts but he or she (the imposter) did not accept the request and goes offline when she tries.

Thus, she was optimistic that the person doing this is someone close to her.

Meanwhile, Emilia believes Facebook is a good platform for actresses like her, noting “To me I think Facebook gives us the opportunity to meet old friends, fans, and socialize with new friends.

You never know, maybe that is where some people meet their life partners. Besides, it offers job opportunities for others, depending on what you do with it.” However, she said it is just unfortunate that her quest to be on the social network turned out to awful.

Emilia Brobbey is a mother one, a boy. She has been in Ghana’s make-believe industry for over 8years, but she has managed to keep a life devoid of scandals.


The actress started acting from 2002 after she met fellow actor Daniel Adeleye, who introduced her to Samuel Nyame of Miracle Films.

She has featured in over 20 movies, with some of them yet to come out. She has however not been consistent in movies for the past three years. This is because she has had to combine acting with schooling.

Just last week, she completed her Human Resource Management degree programme at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

She told BEATWAVES that she is back full time and hoped to apply the skills she learnt from school, to her acting career.

Source: Francis Addo