Entertainment Thu, 30 Jun 2011

Actress: ‘Expensive Girls Like Myself Don’t Want No Broke Ass Guy’!

Women seem to be very strange among all the creatures in the world, probably even in the universe. Women have strict rules and regulations that they hardly alter when it comes to dating. They care so much about how their men look.

This is very important to them because some believe when they give birth with unattractive men; their children will take after them.

However, if you find a woman dating an unattractive guy, it’s because the guy has money or can rock her for hours in bed. It’s very simple, if you are not good-looking, you must have the cash or the bullet.

Most women can live with a good-looking broke guy and still cater for his every need without any problem.

The TV3’s Late Night Show and actress Ebi Bright has categorically stated that contrary to the above, she merges looks and cash when it comes to men.

She said for her, a man must not only be handsome and good-looking to date a beautiful and expensive girl like herself but also he must know how to make a living for himself and put food on the table.

“What good a fine boy? She asked! She continued, if the guy doesn’t know how to cater for himself and the people around him, then no matter how handsome he is, it’s no for her.

“If he doesn’t know how to make a living, women, beautiful women like myself are very expensive, so we don’t want to be with no broke ‘ass’ guy. If he’s fine, he has to know how to put food on the table as well same as me, I work hard for my money,” the actress said.

She also revealed that a fine guy must be intelligent, confident, and eloquent with a good personality. She made this interesting revelation when she MCed the launch of the new pageant ‘Male Icon Ghana’ at the Royal Richester Hotel in East Legon.

The ‘Male Icon Ghana’, ‘the search for the perfect gentleman’ is a new pageant for men. The sole aim of the pageant according to the organisers is to nurture and groom selected intelligent young men with the desire to excel in life as well as introducing them to their role models in the country.

Ten contestants were introduced to the gathering to commence the show. Executive Producer of the pageant, Nana Mensah said the search will focus on empowering young men and introducing them to the world of possibilities, encouraging them to reach for the ultimate in life.

The eventual winner will serve as a youth ambassador against drug abuse as well as promote healthy living and lifestyles in the Ghanaian community especially among young people.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Hon. Agyenim-Boateng witnessed the launch as he made few comments reiterating Ghana government’s support to anything that will boost the tourism industry in the country.

Emmanuel Yawson, the winner of the Stars of the Future season 5 and other contestants from the reality show graced the events. Sponsors and donors of the shows also were present.

Actress Ebi Bright has featured in the following movies ‘The Game’, ‘Pool Party’, ‘Ultimate Powers’, ‘Silent Writer’, ‘Single Six’, ‘Love 4 Rent’, ‘Reason To Kill’, ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’, ‘Bed Of Roses’, ‘Twisted’, ‘Somewhere In Africa’, ‘The Unknown’.

She is a half Ghanaian and half Nigerian. Her mother hails from Ada in the Greater Accra Region whiles her dad is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria, the home of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAAs).

Source: ghanacebrities.com