Afro Moses -- Back from the woods

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Mon, 5 Mar 2007 Source: JIVE

Looking very relaxed and completely at ease at his residence off the Spintex Road in Accra, one of the greatest Afro pop musicians, Afro Moses gives me a gist of why he is back home in Ghana. The Australia-based artist definitely had to make an appearance for the 50th Anniversary celebrations and cash in on the hype.

With his trademark waist-length dreadlocks swinging to and fro as he gesticulate wildly, I ask him why he hasn’t been on the scene for a while. “I’ve been touring Europe and performing at some concerts in Australia. But basically, I’m here for the 50th anniversary celebrations and also to take part in some charity concerts.”

Having been absent from the music scene for a long time, Afro says that he has a fresh album in the works which will feature artistes such as Batman Samini, Tic Tac, Castro and others. He is also working with a new producer on his next album. Moses cannot say exactly when the album will be done but boasts it will be a phenomenal piece.

Although Moses has an extensive repertoire of traditional instruments, including being a master of the kora (21 string African harp), the tama (talking drum) and the kalimba, he is a strong believer in the importance of embracing new technologies, marrying traditional learning with the latest gizmos. His band reflects his love for the diversity of the world’s people and he invites members to share each other’s cultures.

As a composer and band leader of his eleven piece Ngogo Hi Life Band and his six piece Moses O’Jah group, Afro Moses has topped the world music charts in Scandinavia. His song Afrika Market won Best Song while Moses O’Jah won the Best World Music Group at the Danish Music Awards back in 1998.

Moses is a cultural connoisseur and believes that technology mixed with tradition is the best way to translate everyday experiences into music. He believes, and quite rightly so, that many of us are frightened of technology and avoid adopting new practices and technologies.

Source: JIVE