Afro-piano music – Mr Drew coins new genre with single

Mr Drew 67.png Singer, Mr Drew

Fri, 26 May 2023 Source: yfmghana.com

Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Mr. Drew has declared that his recently released single, “Tomorrow” is a fusion of Afro music and the popular Amapiano tune.

In a recent interview on Y 107.9 FM’s “Myd Morning Radio Show,” believes that the single not only showcases his talent but also introduces a brand-new music genre he describes as “Afro-piano.”

During an interview with Kojo Manuel on Y 107.9 FM’s “Dryve of Your Lyfe”, Mr Drew explained the inspiration behind his new song, describing it as a motivational and inspirational anthem.

He shared: “Tomorrow is a motivational song, an inspirational song I decided to drop because I could relate to it and everyone anywhere could relate to it too. So basically it talks about letting your problems go and you not stressing. Life is too short to stress and I think we all need to actually understand and accept it.”

When asked about the unique sound of the song, Mr Drew revealed that he blended the popular Afro sound with an Amapiano twist, giving birth to a fresh musical fusion. He stated, “It has the Afro sound and Amapiano twist to it so fair to call it Afro-piano.”

The term “Afro-piano” reflects Mr Drew’s intention to infuse elements of both Afrobeats, a genre known for its infectious rhythms and melodies originating from West Africa, and Amapiano, a South African genre characterized by its hypnotic beats and piano-driven compositions. By combining these influences, Mr Drew aims to create a captivating and innovative musical experience.

Source: yfmghana.com