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AfroGee releases official video for single 'Wee Nah'

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Sun, 10 Jan 2021 Source: Dollar Promotions

Musician AfroGee has released visuals of his 'Wee Nah' song.

The groovy song seeks to preach against marijuana. While the video captures some ladies twerking and some men enjoying themselves in diverse ways, it entreats the youth to desist from using marijuana as it has dire consequences on their lives.

Born Solomon Dassah, AfroGee used to be called Waxky Geebaby until he decided to rebrand. He became a dropout at a very tender age after recovering his talent and took a firm decision to pursue music full-time.

Since then, he has recorded and released several songs. He is currently working on an EP which features established musicians including Keche, Nero X, and Prince of 4x4 fame.

Watch 'Wee Nah' music video below.

Source: Dollar Promotions