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Agriculture taught me the virtue of patience – John Dumelo

John Dumelo9 John Dumelo

Wed, 13 May 2020 Source: happyghana.com

Ghanaian Farmer, Businessman and Philanthropist, John Dumelo has disclosed that venturing into the business of agriculture has taught him to be patient in life.

In an interview with Rev.Erskine on the YLeaderboard Series on the Mid-morning radio show on YFM, he said: “Agriculture is the way to go. It’s been an amazing experience. There is no quick way around making money. Agriculture has taught me that there is no shortcut, patience is a virtue”.

He explained that some crops may take years to bring the needed produce but the farmer must not lose hope when he or she finds himself in such a situation.

“If you take animal production and for example piggery, pigs will give birth just twice a year. At each point in time, they will give birth between eight to fifteen. That is a lot of piglets. So you feed and shelter one pig and you get eight to fifteen piglets. However, they are expensive and delicate to look after. But if you take a goat, it will just chew grass and give birth to only three in eighteen months”, he illustrated.

He added that these phenomena may be the reason why a lot of Ghanaian youths do not venture into agriculture.

“We can make serious money from agriculture. Agriculture is an interesting sector that the youth should tap into and they can make serious money”, he advised.

John Dumelo is known for venturing into cattle rearing, goat rearing, snail rearing, among others even though he has a career in acting and politics.

Source: happyghana.com
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