Entertainment Fri, 30 Apr 2010

Agya Koo To Demonstrate Against Nudity In Ghanaian Movies

The most popular Ghallywood male actor Agya Koo (real name Kofi Adu) aka Bidam! is hitting the streets of Kumasi (Oseikrom) on Friday May 7, 2010, to raise his voice against the recent excessive use of sex to sell movies and the increase of “soft porn” Ghanaian movies in the country recently.

Agya Koo, who also doubles as the most highly paid actor in Ghana now, said most Ghanaian movies released over the past months, have too many nude scenes which is against our culture as Ghanaians, so as an actor, he can’t just sit down and watch some producers destroy the industry that made him what he is today. “During the days of “I told you so” and other great Ghanaian movies in the past, that was not how our ladies exposed themselves”.

Speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” yesterday Thursday April 29, he stressed that, this is an action he has decided to take on his own, but he is overwhelmed by the kind of support people are willing to give.

“As I speak to you now, people are coming from different towns in buses, to come and support my fight. My fellow actors, producers and several people from the movie industry are all coming in their numbers. People are calling to encourage me, even market women have decided to leave their businesses to march on the street with me. Do you think if what I am doing is not good all, these people will leave their work to come and support me? He asked.

The Twi actor is hoping to see tremendous change in the trend of our movies. Asked what action he would take if nothing changes after the demonstration, he said “If nothing changes, I have done my part for using my name and my image to raise an issue which is of great concern to every Ghanaian”.

Comic actor, Agya Koo, also revealed that since he announced his intention to hit the streets last week, he has had numerous calls and text messages threatening to kill him if he goes on the demonstration. He said a youngman who claims that he (Agya Koo) proposed love to his sister but his sister refused to accept, has threatened to come out and disgrace him that he goes round chasing women.


“Somebody like this doesn’t wish any good for the country”. He however called on the security agencies to help protect his life before, during and after the demonstration.

On the other hand, some Ghanaian movie producers have accused Agya Koo as rather the one destroying the industry. An executive producer and C.E.O of Peace Films, Mr Joseph K. Serebour, is accusing Agya Koo of growing wings, charging exorbitant fees to act in movies now and lastly he gives strict conditions on set before shooting.

According to him, now Agya Koo charges between Gh¢5000-Gh¢10,000 for a role, he doesn’t act in the night anymore and he gives producers up to only 48hours, or at most 78hours to shoot all his scenes. He demands special food and hotel accommodation before agreeing to shoot a movie.

Socrate Sarfo who is strongly against Agya Koo’s action, said “Agya Koo insults people unnecessarily in movies, he touches ladies breast, slaps their buttocks and sometimes he kisses in movies, all in the name of acting. Is that also not against our culture? He asked.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/Peacefmonline.com/Ghana