Akua Boadiwaa Boateng; An astute role model for modern day social change

Boadiwaa Lawyer Sopl She is a private legal practitioner who specializes in corporate law among other things

Sun, 28 Mar 2021 Source: Alexander Fifi Abaka, Contributor

Akua Boadiwaa Boateng, a young beautiful female lawyer is fast gaining prominence by virtue of her stunner but beyond her beauty lies an intelligent and well cultured professional lady who provides excellent and first-class legal services as a private legal practitioner.

From Eastern Regional capital of Koforidua with the late M.O Boateng, formerly of GNPC as a father and Madam Adwoa Krah Odonkor as a mother. Akua Boadiwaa Boateng holds a bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology, LLB degree and professional Law degree from Ghana School of Law.

She is a private legal practitioner who specializes in corporate law, litigation, commercial, contract, transactional, family and estate law with several local firms and multinational clients with business interests in Africa and those currently operating in Ghana.

God-fearing and pious Akua was privileged to be educated at Mizpa Nursery School and Soul Clinic International School to primary four and that prepared her for her incredible brilliance in academics. She did primary five to junior high school at Ridge School International, Kumasi and was the best student and school prefect at the same time.

In 2003, she made the news when she got the coveted regional laurel as the best student in Ashanti Region and made it to Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast for her secondary education.

Her philanthropic works are motivated by her generosity and passion for equal opportunity for less privileged children which led to the formation of Street Angel, a non-profit and non-governmental social organisation to feed children. Most passionate about her is the desire and propensity to serve humanity and make an impact to society without riveting on her comfort zone. Credibly, Akua Boadiwaa Boateng is set to embark on a strategic mentorship program which seeks to encourage and empower women in the corporate world and an entrepreneurship training for women to make impactful contributions to the global economy.

She is trendy to brim and a full compass of fashion with events planning and organisation as her hobby. She is a body and walking knowledge of a mortal being with bits and pieces of everything that qualifies one fit and purpose for modern society, an astute role model for modern social change.

Source: Alexander Fifi Abaka, Contributor