Alomo Sankwan party train reaches Koforidua

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 Source: George Britton

Koforidua witnessed the Alomo Sankwan campaign this weekend as the party train made a stop at selected pubs in the region.

The reloaded version was welcomed by a vibrant crowd as the party train made its first stop at the Democracy Village where participants enjoyed their meals alongside Kasapreko Alomo Bitters.

Hiplife recording group Keche thrilled the fans with their back-to-back hits like Sokode, Pressure, Aluguntugui, Body lotion and the latest singles Diabetes & Fine Boy among others. Phootprints provided more side attraction by also performing to the crowd as they enjoyed their favorite Ghanaian meal.

It was a real Ghanaian moment as friends, family and loved ones came together to experience the Alomo Sankwan campaign while sipping their favorite authentic herbal drink Alomo Bitters and sharing a bowl of local delicious meals.

Kasapreko introduced their latest product ‘Alomo Silver & Gold’ which was also announced via a live update report on three radio stations in Koforidua, while the event was ongoing to which its loyal customers warmly accepted.

The Party train will make its next stop in Odwira Akropong in the Easter Region this coming weekend as it ushers the Alomo Sankwan campaign to the municipality.

This version will be introducing a music talent hunt as the organizers Strategic Communications looks to use the opportunity in providing a platform to unearth talented acts in the region.

Shotlisted aspiring musicians will have the opportunity to interact with prolific radio presenter Abeiku Santana.

There will be lots of prizes to be won by Kasapreko branded Alomo Sankwan souvenirs.

This event is brought to you by Kasapreko Alomo Bitters and powered by Strategic Communications.

Source: George Britton