Entertainment Thu, 29 Nov 2012

Amanda Jissih vindicated @ last

A lot of things have happened, a lot have been said about them but nothing seem to put apart what Bright of Buk Bak fame feels for Gh One’s presenter Amanda Jissih, if what he said live on stage last Saturday November 24, 2012 is anything to go by.

Bright who mounted the stage at the just ended Joy FM “Nite with the Star” inside the Dome with partner Ronney Coaches silenced all who doubts his love for Amanda when he publicly declared his love for Amanda.

Contrary to reports in the media that the “E-Talk” hostess has apparently been used, exploited, dumped and given a broken heart by the love of her life, Bright aka Blink Sparkles, Amanda had a reason to smile again when Bright openly professed his love for her during their performance.

Bright who couldn't take his eyes of Amanda seated right in the front of the stage, paused in the middle of his performance and asked the audience to put their hands together for a special someone in his life in the person of Amanda Jissih.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to acknowledge the presence of a very important person. Please show some love to my girl Amanda Jissih seated right there please show some love”, Bright said whiles Amanda was seated smiling and blushing.


Bright went on to say “You know I Love you, everybody know we love you” and he later got off the stage went to Amanda and sang for her. Amanda who didn't see this coming, seemed very happy and somehow surprised because that was the first time Bright has said those words to her publicly. Meanwhile Amanda has never hidden her love for Bright as she stated few weeks ago live on radio that Bright is the only man she has ever truly loved “The only person I have ever dated in this entertainment industry and the only man I really ever love is Bright Sparkles of Buk Bak fame. I loved Bright and I will say it for the whole world to know”, Amanda said on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” few weeks back.

Bright started dating Amanda a very longtime ago even before he relocated to the United States of America and subsequently his return home to release the group's latest hit “Kolom”. Both Bright and Amanda used to live together and he promised her a lot of things including marriage.

Recently when Bright returned to Ghana, he has been spotted several times with Amanda who was also the promoter behind the group’s ‘Kolom’ hit song. Amanda played a very vital role in the hitting of Buk Bak’s “kolom” track and they were found most of the times hanging around when Bright returned from the States.

Plans were far ahead for their wedding ceremony but for some reasons this never happened. So is Bright’s recent public display of affection an indication that they are going to tie the knot soon or perhaps he did this on purpose to win Amanda’s heart back because the group is about to release a new single and they would need Amanda’s helping hand to promote their upcoming album. Only time will tell.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah-Peacefmonline-Ghana