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Another Ban For Veteran Actor Dan Tei Mensah?

Anyone who says that the ban recently put on Yvonne Nelson, Kofi Adjorlolo and Ecow Smith has not affected their movie career may be an ignoramus in the movie industry.

Yvonne Nelson was one of the hottest female actresses who was gradually becoming a Gold actress in terms of sales as defined by the marketers in Opera square but because of her ban, sales of her movies have reduce drastically. Many critics have said that if she is not luck to have a great come back in the game, then her career as an actress might be ending soon, since there have been lots of new entrants who are also progressively gaining the heart of Ghanaians and they are becoming very hot on set and their prices keep surging day in and out.

For Kofi Adjorlolo, the task for him is not too big, according to research we did, he is one of the hottest veteran actors who is always sought after by movie producers because most actors have not been able to perform his role well anytime he needed to replaced.

On the part of Ekow Smith, it is now clear that he has totally ended his acting career. Even at the time that he was not banned; he was not getting the lead roles which in actual terms meant his career was already dying. Now that he has been banned, no producer is even calling him for a job.

Latest information is that one Ghanaian Veteran actor who came out to complain bitterly that they started Ghana movies but had not been treated fairly is the next actor who will be facing the Ghanaian silent ban.

Although, he also doesn’t get the lead roles to play one will always see him in most of the top movies playing supporting roles or doing any other crew member Job.

Information reaching us is that he is producing his own movie and has employed foreigners without permit so the film producers associations of Ghana are planning to sideline him very soon.

When we contacted FIPAG, They told us that his issue is being discussed. “if we have banned someone who has committed the same offense some months back. Then it is possible we are going to ban him as well. But it all depends on the executives of the Film producers Association of Ghana, so very soon we are going to come out with the official statement” Socrate sarfo

Socrate also stated that they have never on any platform said that they have forgiven any of the said banned actors, although they have all come to apologize. He promised to let the media and the general public knows about that. He added

In a chat with Dan Tei Mensah , he confessed that he is a bit ignorant about the ban but when the film producers visited his set, he told them that he will come to their office to see them so if there is any necessary procedure to follow, then , he can do that. Dan tei Said

He also cleared rumors that he is not the owner of the movie but rather he is the associate producer, because he employed all the actors and he is more popular among the crew, people are branding him as being the owner of the movie.

Dan who doubles as the manager of Venus films started acting in 1985 and has starred in uncountable movies said that they have not come out with working title yet for the movie, but the movie will feature stars like Roselyn Ngissah, John Dumelo,Frank Artus and a few others, Whether his ban will stay or not will only be determined by FIPAG so let’s keep watching closely.

Source: Mustapha Ayinde/nigeriafilms.com