Any unmarried woman who sleeps with men is a prostitute -Tracey Boakye

Tracy Boakye Sexy Tracy Boakye, Ghanaian actress

Wed, 29 Jul 2020 Source: zionfelix.net

Ghanaian Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye has come out in a self-recorded video to say that all unmarried women sleeping with men are prostitutes.

According to her, prostitution is not just standing by the roadside to wait on men and sleep with them for money alone, but all those having secret affairs with men can be equally described as prostitutes as well.

Using herself as an example, she claimed that the so called “serious boyfriends” may even be having more affairs than the prostitute with her condom in her bag.

Throwing a question to her fans, she quizzed: “Whose situation is better?, the prostitute sleeping with men for money, or you who claim you have a serious boyfriend you sleeping with yet have nothing to show for it?”.

Watch the video below:

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Actress @tracey_boakye says any woman who is not married and still have sex with a man is a prostitute.

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Source: zionfelix.net