Music Thu, 13 Mar 2008

Appietus in a fix, where is his music reality show?

The master mixer, Kwame Appiah Danquah aka Appietus is in a fix. His TV reality music hunt show, Appietus Idolz is still in its tottering stages although it was launched in July last year and took off a month ago.

During the launch, Appietus anticipated to celebrate the winner after three months and probably start putting together subsequent editions but it has been eight clear months and as at now it is difficult to say exactly when that will happen.

The show seems to have hit the wall because of lack of funds.

Aside the stress of the show coming to a stand-still, Appietus, the three times Best Recording Engineer winner at the Ghana Music Awards (GMA) has to contend with media houses to whom he owes some money and the Gaming Commission breathing down his neck to know what is happening to the competition.

Speaking to Graphic Showbiz, Appietus said the show is dragging because he is cash trapped. He is yet to get a sponsor to come on board. He has so far spent close to GH¢20,000 (¢200million) and owes some electronic media houses over GH¢25,000 (¢250million).

“I must admit a winner should have been declared by now but it has been difficult with no single sponsor on board. It has been just me and I have incurred so much. Although, I made about GH¢2,200 (¢22 million) from registration forms, I have had to dole out money from my pockets to bring the show this far I spent about GH¢4,000 (¢40 million) to shoot each of the three episodes for the auditions.

“In addition to this, I paid Metro TVGH¢7,500 (¢75 million) cash to telecast the first episode. Together, I currently owe Metro TV, Adom FM, Peace FM and some of their sister stations about GH¢25,OOO (¢250million).

I must say these media houses have been patient with me and I am very grateful to them”, he said.

Asked why he didn’t seek sponsorship for his GH¢65,000 (¢650million) project before embarking on it, Appietus said “I tried to but everywhere I went I was told I had no track record in event organisation. Also, a number of people had come for sponsorships and had failed to deliver so potential sponsors were a bit sceptical with newcomers.”

“I therefore got the impression there was the need to get the show off the ground first. I had to show them I was serious. So I did just that and still no sponsor has expressed interest. I have done the preliminary auditions at the three centres, that is, Kumasi, Takoradi and Accra and still nothing from potential sponsors.”

“It is true I have no track record in organising events but I put together a team of professionals with events management and marketing backgrounds but still it has been difficult. Some of the people on the team have even left,” he added.

When it was pointed out to him that his five months stay in the UK last year contributed to the show stalling, Appietus said “I was away for two months and not five months to attend to business. I have a studio, Colour Music Studios in the UK which I run with a partner. During that time, the contestants were buying and filling out forms so my absence didn’t affect the show in any way. As I speak now I am losing out over there. I have clients waiting for me in the UK but I cannot leave because of Appietus Idolz.”

“To get the show going, I have to work to cough up the money for the project and that is really delaying the process. It is frustrating not just for me but for the young participants. I am doing everything to make it a success but it has not been easy. I will therefore be grateful if individuals as well as corporate bodies will come on board to help me make this a reality.”

Touching on if ever a winner will be declared if he doesn’t get any sponsors, Appietus said “A winner will definitely be declared but it will take some time. We anticipated three months for the whole show. The programme has stalled but I will make it. It is not good but I will never give up. The final show, he said, will come before the end of the year.”

“I am not going to give up because I have discovered talents out there. Of course some of the contestants may be trash but there are some that can make an impact. Those who will make it to the finals are already superstars,” he declared.

Appietus, who owns and Creative Studioz at Dansoman in Accra and has worked with some of the biggest names on music scene here, said lots of people regularly came to him with their own songs looking for assistance to record and Appietus ldolz is a way of giving something back to such people and all others who had come believe in his ability as a recording engineer and producer.

Source: ghanamusic.com