Entertainment Sun, 15 May 2011

Asem, Lynx Entertainment Battle Over Glo Money

Lynx Entertainment would very soon threaten a legal action against former label member, Asem, if their demands were not met in the coming week, myhiworld.com EXCLUSIVE! gathers.

The Achimota-based music outfit, which ended its management/production contract with the artiste, is demanding a 40% share of GHC35,000 Asem received from Globacom as the second and final installment of his contract fee for the two-year deal, the "No More Kpayor" rapper signed with the telecom company.

In June 2009, Nana Wiafe Mensah Asante a.k.a Asem was one of sixteen Ghanaian showbiz personalities (including actors and actresses) who signed endorsement deals with yet-to-commence-operation telecom company, Globacom, own by Nigerian Business Conglomerate, Mike Adenuga.

This deal occurred when he was signed on Richie's Lynx Entertainment. Asem entered an agreement with Lynx Entertainment giving them 40% of all and very income they received on his behalf, a reliable source close to Asem told Hi Newspaper. This included businesses dealt with Glo.

Meanwhile on March 8th, 2011, a statement signed by Albert Mensah (General Manager of Lynx Entertainment) was released announcing that Asem had been "dropped" from the label. Asem later confirmed to Hi Newspaper in an interview, that he and Lynx Entertainment had indeed abrogated their contract, 8 months to its completion.

However, just two months to end the Glo contract, Asem has received the second part of his Glo money and Lynx Entertainment is demanding its 40% share (that is GHC14,000).

For their argument for demanding the share, Lynx Entertainment reportedly argued that the Glo contract was signed when Asem's deal with the label was still good, hence still entitled to their share whether he is still with them or not.

At the time of going to press, Asem was purported to have refused giving any portion of the final payment to Lynx.

According to a source within Asem's new label, Wobeda Ntem Records, Asem's says, "Since you said you have disowned me why do you wang anything of or frm me now? Asem would not give the money to Lynx because his deal was prematurely abrogated as officially reported by Lynx.

Asem confirmed that his team has received calls from Lynx demanding said money. "We are yet to know if it would turn into a legal tussle", Asem told Hi Newspaper.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of Lynx Entertainment, Albert Mensah, who is almost always economical of info when needed by the press, would not confirm or deny the story when Hi called him on Tuesday.

Source: myhiworld.com