‘Barber’s hand not good for my head’ a superstitious belief – Specialist

Razor Bump 45 The dermatologist indicated that bumps are not only peculiar to the head but pubic regions too

Mon, 7 Jun 2021 Source: angelonline.com.gh

A dermatologist at Heritage Skin Consult in the Ashanti Region says the belief people hold, that hands of hairdressers including barbers cause rashes or bumps known as acne keloids after their hairdos, is superstitious.

According to Dr. Sam Doodo Stephen, the acne keloids that occur around the shaved portions of the neck and occiput are usually a result of the pattern the barber or the individual follows in the course of shaving.

He said: “There is a direction in which the hair grows. If you don’t shave in that direction but in the opposite, it causes harm to the hair pellicles. Friction occurs between the shaving equipment and the skin while shaving in the opposite direction which may cause the injury to the area. It may also result in inflammation, bacterial infection or keloid.”

The dermatologist noted in his interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on Angel FM’s Anↄpa Bↄfoↄ morning show that the phenomenon is not peculiar to the hair on the head only, but the pubic regions as well.

He indicated that the hair on the head grows spreading and pointing away from the center around the occiput and the pubic hairs also grow pointing towards the sex organ, in which patterns the shaving should be done.

He however acknowledged that there are cases where there may be some anomalies, but was quick to add that in those circumstances the individual should check and shave in the direction the hairs grow.

While still clearing misconception, the dermatologist also revealed that the sharpness of the equipment used in shaving could also account for the conditions often encountered.

“The shaving equipment must be very sharp. A blunt device would require pressure to be able to achieve the needed result. That makes the shaving done in a haphazard manner,” he said.

Dr. Doodo advised going forward that while shaving, as part of ensuring a personal hygiene, care be taken to avoid inflicting wounds to the skin, adding that “if you know you have a problem with shaving, get shaving lubricants or jells which are filled with antimicrobial agents that fight bacterial infections,” or better still see a dermatologist for guidance.

Source: angelonline.com.gh
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