Entertainment Sun, 21 Aug 2016

Basketmouth gifts wifey exquisite townhouse in Lagos

With the devaluation of the Naira, Nigeria’s recession is so real and it’s affecting everyone! One of the very few unaffected buy it though, is comedian Basketmouth.

It looks like he just bought his wife, Elsie Okpocha, a beautiful townhouse in Lagos. She took to her Instagram (IG) page where she posted a picture of the house and her caption said it all.

“You’ll know God is awesome when you get a gift like this during this recession….thank you baby. #myTestimony #GodisGood”

However, she quickly deleted the post shortly after putting it up, I guess because of the recession comment in light of so much national suffering.

But you know how the internet works….those IG fingers are fast with screenshots!

Check the house out below.

Source: nigerianweddingblog.com