'Being Beautiful before you can be on TV is silly' says Nana Aba Anamoah

Nana Aba

Thu, 9 Feb 2012 Source: nana mensah/xfm95.1/

TV3 News Anchor, Nana Aba Anamoah has described as 'silly' comments people pass about not beautiful enough or too ugly to be on TV.

According to her, TV news reading has gone beyond beauty, explaining that you will find so many people who are beautiful or handsome but might not be able to even read a sentence when put on TV, while the so called ugly ones will end up delivering better and standing out in the final analysis.

Nana Aba who has been reading the news for about seven (7) years now in an interview with XFM's 'Extended Morning Show' said, she doesn’t see herself as the best on TV because she doesn’t judge herself when it comes to work. She was however, grateful that people see her as the best in her chosen career, for her, it’s about waking up and going to work every day like any other worker. The petite news reader who also doubles as the host of TV3's 'Diva's show' on Saturdays was voted as the Best TV news reader by xfm over 79,000 fans in a poll by the station to know which female news anchor in Ghana is a delight to watch in news delivery and presentation. On the thorny issue of Press freedom, she minced no words saying, most journalist are abusing press freedom in Ghana and are now practicing the type that destroys people's life.

She said, journalist in their quest to bring out their stories quickly forget to do in-depth research and end up publishing lies and misleading society. 'The fact that you have freedom to say whatever you like doesn’t mean you should say things that are detrimental to people's lives', she continued, adding that 'responsibility must come with freedom' which doesn’t include sitting on radio and TV and spewing (eject) rubbish as it is happening now. Nana Aba who has also received her fair share of different stories in the media was worried such type of journalism is not the best for the inky profession in the country.

She advised people who want to be in broadcasting to always themselves 'You have to be yourself, be articulate either in Twi or English by reading constantly and updating yourself constantly', adding that young people should not dream like being her but aim towards being better than she is right now.

Source: nana mensah/xfm95.1/