Big Brother Amplified: Confidence Breaks Down In Tears

Wed, 1 Jun 2011 Source: eugene osafo-nkansah/peacefmonline.com

Aphrodisiac Night Club owner Confidence Haugen, who is representing Ghana in the ongoing Big Brother (Amplified) Africa reality show, broke down in tears this morning when she was going through her chatroom session with Big Brother.

“I just miss my home,” as she cried inconsolably.

Big Brother told her he is sure that everybody back home also misses her too and she only said “I hope so” as she kept crying.

“Be strong Confidence, the Big Brother game is never easy,” BB consoled her.

She apologized to Big Brother for crying in the chatroom but "Biggie" said “No one has to ever apologize for crying”.

Confidence was given a moment to calm down and dry her tears in the chatroom before continuing her chat session with Big Brother.

Having stayed in the house for some 31 days and survived two dreaded evictions in the process, Confidence, who is representing Ghana in the "Heads" house, could not hold it any more, but poured out her emotions to Biggie. Confidence said she "misses" home very much especially, her son, dogs, workers and those who love her for who she is back home.

She said even though she loved them before she went into the Big Brother house, she has now realized how important her colleagues back home are to her, having been away from them for several weeks now. With tears streaming down her eyes she named Mr. Johnny, Manager of her night club, her bouncers, her special assistant among others and said “If you guys are watching how are you all doing (waving to the camera in the process) I love you all. I thank you so much for being there for me and loving me for who I am”.

Big Brother told her to tell him a story for her to get over her emotions and make sure she cheered up before she left the chatroom. She told a story about her son, and reminisced about a particular song she usually sings with her son.

“I love you, you love me, we are one big fa-mi-ly………”. She also told Biggie about her husband who she professed her love for saying his guidance and love for her is unsurpassed.

Confidence is going through a three day “togetherness” task with her fellow housemates, where all housemates have been tied to one rope and they are supposed to cook, eat, sleep and do virtually everything together whiles they are still tied up for the next three days.

She disclosed that she is going through some emotional times because of the task.

“I think I am getting these emotions because of this whole tied together with people thing. I realized that I am actually tied to my people, I didn’t know that I was that connected and this experience has thought me that you don’t need a rope to show that you are tied to people that love you and care about you”.

She thanked Big Brother for making her go through this experience.

Confidence, who slept tied to the other housemates, admitted that she never had a good sleep last night. Asked who was the most giving individual in the house, she responded by naming herself to be the most giving as she claims she gives a lot of herself to her fellow housemates. Touching on this week’s wager, she revealed that she isn’t sure but they will put up their best.

She later left the chat room all fired up.

Both Confidence in the "Heads" house and Alex in the "Tails" house are free from eviction. Ernest, Bhoke and Miss P are up for eviction this week. The game is getting hotter by the day and people are beginning to show their true colours.

Source: eugene osafo-nkansah/peacefmonline.com