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Black Sherif hasn't sold his soul yet - Pundit asserts amid controversial Baphomet image

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Tue, 30 May 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Entertainment pundit, Vida Adutwumwaa Boateng, has expressed her belief that Black Sherif, despite the recent controversy surrounding his performance in New York, has not yet sold his soul to the devil.

During her appearance on E-Forum hosted by Abrantepa on GhanaWeb TV, she acknowledged his breakthrough success but emphasized that she sees even greater achievements in his future before considering the possibility of him making such a pact.

She said, “I don't think Black Sherif has sold his soul as of yet; even though he has broken through, I feel there are bigger things ahead of him, and then after that, we can say he has gotten to this level for him to sell his soul.”

Vida Adutwumwaa reflected on Black Sherif's early days in Konongo Zongo, where his talent was evident.

In her opinion, it was inappropriate to make a big fuss about the incident, especially since Ghanaians were still celebrating his Artiste of the Year win.

She also wondered why he would sell his soul to the devil just to be able to write better songs.

“When he was only in Konongo Zongo, we saw through his talent; why would he now sell his soul to the devil before he could write better songs? I don't quite get it or make a big fuss. I only think the timing was wrong because we're still basking in his Artiste of the Year win,” she added.

She said Black Sherif had been criticized for his controversial conduct in the past, including lifting cutlasses in his First Sermon video.

As a result of the Baphomet image projected, Vida doubted it was an intentional event and speculated that it could have been the organizers' fault.

“With Black Sherif, he has had an issue with an old video of him saying that he was violent, and now the Baphomet appears behind him while he is performing, and I also don't think it is something he will plan as part of his craft; probably the organizers know what they are doing,” she stated.

Vida Adutwumwaa made a distinction between where Black Sherif currently finds himself, presumably in New York, and Ghana.

She referred to places outside Ghana where rumours circulate about artists selling their souls or talents to gods or spirits in exchange for power or influence in life.

The pundit suggested that the timing of the controversy was unfortunate, as Ghanaians were still celebrating Black Sherif's Artiste of the Year victory and showering him with praise.

“Where he finds himself isn't Ghana, it is where we have heard that some artistes have sold their souls and talents to gods or spirits. We have heard that by selling your soul, you are given power or influence in life,” she expressed.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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