Music Sun, 17 Aug 2008

Blak Star Entertainment boast of the finest so far

Don’t mess with one of the finest young hiphop/hiplife Ghanaian music group based in NJ known as Blak Star Entertainment. They have racked an impressive response for their upcoming album. The truth is Scobo, Jordon and Shasha have the whole New Jersey locked down even though they don’t have an album out there.

Creating and releasing good music comes with its own set of responsibilities of which Scobo is fully aware. Scobo himself is a producer of beats so music fans will be getting down with their songs.

Blak Star Entertainment consist of Scobo, Jordon, Shasha (1st Lady) and Cartoon (an up and coming artiste). Hopefully by next year, they will be done with their album which comes with an exclusive DVD featuring Blakstar Entertainment footage and artiste documentaries.

Ghana Music.com was privileged to have Scobo and Jordon previewing tracks from the new album and taking us on a tour about Blak Star Entertainment.

Ghana Music.com: First off, why don’t you introduce Blak Star Entertainment to those who are not familiar with your music or what you do?

SCOBO: I’m Derrick Ekow Affram popularly known as Scobo, CEO of Blak Star Entertainment who was born and raised in Ghana. I currently reside in the United States. Music is my passion, I eat; sleep with it thus me being a producer/artiste. I do all kind of music (hip-hop, hip-life, dance hall, reggae, R&B, you name it.

JORDAN: I’m Jordan, co founder of Blak Star Entertainment . I was born in Accra, Ghana and raised in USA.

Ghana Music.com: Let’s talk about you and your beats?


SCOBO: I’ve been making beats ever since I came to the states about nine years ago. Creating something with melody is nothing, but a blessing that God has given to me - his child, and also to be able to work with another talented brother named Jordan, I feel we are the generation of hip-hop and many more great things to come. We are here to stay and nothing will stop us.

Ghana Music.com: I hear you have made a huge name for yourself through beats and many call you by far the greatest. Do you feel you are the best?

SCOBO: Yeah, a real artiste recognizes a real beat, so all artists out there who have spit on my beats know what the deal is.

Ghana Music.com: Who is Cartoon?

SCOBO: CARTOON is one of the most talented hip life rapper ever, his flow are unpredictable. I mean this guy is sick and ill when he spits.

Ghana Music.com: Define the album in your words?

SCOBO: Expect the full length album next year. Album title is THE DIFINITION OF SCOBO.


Ghana Music.com: When can we expect your full-length debut album?

JORDAN: Yeap, u all ready know next year.

Ghana Music.com: Any guest appearances on the album, whose gonna produces some tracks? Any names you wanna let out?

SCOBO: We have KILLANOVA, XRAY, AK47 and more on it.

Ghana Music.com: What do you want to accomplish?

SCOBO: The mind set is the make quality music, music that everybody can relate to.

JORDAN: Staying focused and working hard.

Ghana Music.om: Hip hop has changed so much over the years. What are your thoughts on the direction of hip hop/hip life? Where is it going?


SCOBO: Right now hip hop is  big so as hip life, the more years passes by the greater it gets.

Ghana Music.com: How does this impact your group?

SCOBO: In my group we all thugs of hip hop, I think that explains everything.

Ghana Music.com: Where do you see the group in five years as a result?

SCOBO: We going to the top by God’s grace.

JORDAN: On top of the charts.

Ghana Music.com: What do you feel is the biggest mis-conception people have about people who do hip life music?

SCOBO: Maybe the realness and confidence because I know every hip life artist speaks out of confidence and not afraid of what comes out.

Ghana Music.com: What are your thoughts on [Barack] Obama as a Ghanaian in US?

SCOBO: Right now it’s time for a change so Barack is going all the way to the top and I feel very good about it.

Ghana Music.com: What’s in store for the future?

SCOBO: A lot of hits and good music.

JORDAN: Working with all artistes from A to Z.

Ghana Music.com: Any last comments or thoughts?

SCOBO: Blak Star Entertainment, all day, every day, watch out for the whole crew. We coming out strong don’t get me wrong. SHASHA, ABIGAIL, IRIS, BIG PHIL, DJ NAY AND EUNICE what’s up.


Source: ghanamusic.com