Fashion Sun, 31 Jul 2016

Boubou, maxi gowns and more for the stylish ladies

Akosua Vee, fashion stylist

There are times when you want to look older and mature and one of the pieces that are attributed to this fact is the gown we know as the boubou.


Its one of those styles that are usually attributed to the mature married womens arena, and this is because many married women choose this as their choice pieces.

Whether you are married or not, mature or young doesn’t really matter because a boubou maxi gown provides you comfort and style. Surprisingly the boubou is a general name given to clothing that are flowing and have a wide sleeve, so men’s abgada can also be referred to as a boubou.


For style, you can choose to decorate your boubou maxi gown with beads or intricate embroidery or you can just choose one made from a fabulous print.

Source: Madivas.com