Entertainment Tue, 1 Dec 2015

'Break your virginity and conquer the music industry'

Yaa Yaa, born Bertha Bridget Kamkam in an interview with Graphic Showbiz last month revealed she was still a virgin.

But one of Vybrant Faya’s management team, Mr. Logic on Happy FM said the reason she wasn’t blowing up as an artist was because she was a virgin.

“If you are 18 and you are not sexually inclined, there are certain things you wouldn’t understand about life.” Mr. Logic argued.

“This whole life is regulated by sex. If you are not sexually inclined your self-esteem is low. I’m not talking about sexual activity here, if you know about sex, your confidence is high and if you try it then your confidence is very high. If you are living with your daughter and she hasn’t experienced sex before, she is timid and shy but as soon as she does, she is active and happy.


“This Yaa Yaa girl, I think the main reason why she is not breaking that big is because she is yet to understand what sex is about. That’s why she is yet to break.

She is still holding back something and what she is holding back is killing her self-esteem. I have watched her several times on TV and stage, if you are not sexually inclined or active, if you are on stage, your confidence level is low because what you are preaching; you don’t practice. So she needs to break her virginity. If she breaks, she will break through."

Do you agree with him?

Source: Yfmghana.com