Bright & Promzy forming a group is scary - Mel Kwesi Davis

Fri, 10 Jun 2016 Source: abrantepa.com

Mel Kwesi Davis, artiste manager and boss of Event Republic is convinced that Bright of Buk Bak and Promzy, former member of VIP coming together as a music group is scary.

Surviving member of Buk Bak, Bright, and Promzy have officially announced the formation of a group, B.P, which is the acronym of their names.

But Mel Kwesi Davis wonders which of them will wholeheartedly agree that the other leads the group. According to him, both artistes have distinguished themselves well to the point that choosing a leader among them will not come with ease.

“The formation of B.P is a bit scary because we haven’t been able to interrogate exactly what let to Promzy leaving VIP. We’ve not been able to understand the dynamics of what happened. Now, if he’s forming another group with Bright… I see them performing musically, but I don’t see them forming a group,” he said on AM Pluzz.

“When we form a group, as we progress, somebody becomes a leader, others follow him. Between Promzy and Bright, I don’t see who will take which position,” he added.

Source: abrantepa.com