Television Mon, 6 Sep 2010


Malawi’s Code became the 7th Housemate be evicted from the Big Brother All Stars house during last night’s live Big Brother All Stars Eviction Show (5 September at 19:00 CAT on DStv Channel 198). Munya survived yet another eviction – his 5th in 5 weeks - and continues his remarkable streak of dodging his housemates’ nomination bullets to stay in the game!

The show kicked off with a performance from Zimbabwean Rapper Stunner before IK reminded viewers about the week that was in both the House and The Barn.

Sammi made a surprise video insert appearance, telling the continent that he was doing well and thanking everyone for their well-wishes after his medically-induced departure from the game. Another insert then outlined some top journalists’ take on the Housemates & Barnmates.

Then it was time to get down to business as IK asked Head of House Mwisho to reveal his decision to the other Housemates. “Munya, you are finished,” said the Tanzanian. “I switched me, all of me, for you. Reasons are, you have a way with words which I’d like to find out,” he said as the housemates fell about laughing.

After another insert which showed Yacob asking Big Brother to leave the game and explaining his decision to his Barnmates, it was time to evict another Housemate. IK didn’t waste any time in giving the result of the continent’s vote. “The next housemate to leave the Big Brother All Stars house is… You are safe, Munya…and Uti you are safe, Code you have been evicted,” he revealed.

Code said his goodbyes – with a special goodbye for Jennifer – and joined IK on stage. “We watched you – you were one of those relaxed people from the get-go – until last week. Then we saw you talking to Munya and trying to form an alliance – why was that so important all of a sudden?” asked IK. “Tell you what – Yacob taught me something about the house that I didn’t know – Yacob big up yourself, all the time – the thing about it is that from then on I started realizing and seeing things they way they are and they kind of affected me,” said the Malawian.

“Now why Munya?” asked IK. “There were so many people in the house you could have had that discussion with?” Code responded: “I think Munya was just flexing and I wasn’t sure about him and with me trust is more important than anything else and I just wanted to make sure I was with him, together in the game, you know what I mean?”

“Who are you gonna miss the most?” teased IK, in reference to Code’s lengthy goodbye session with Jennifer. “I’m gonna miss basically everybody, but I’ve got my connections with Jennifer,” he said, smiling.

Questioned about why the other housemates had nominated him, Code replied: “There is a lion in this dude, and I believe I was a bit of a threat and I believe people can see through the images one projects and basically that’s what it is.”

Then it was many an evicted Housemate’s favourite time – Dagger time! IK read out Code’s Dagger: “One housemate must crow like a cock and moo like a cow for 5 minutes every breakfast, lunch and supper time, for one week. This dagger commences immediately – and Big Brother reserves the right to change the animals involved in this dagger”. “What it is, housemates?”, Code asked. “This is going out to my man, the head of the house, Mwisho it’s yours!” he yelled.

Code managed to keep his secret to himself, so keeps his $1000 – but had to reveal it to the housemates now that he has departed. His secret was that he went 7 months without a woman before meeting the love of his life. “I had to keep it real for myself and discover myself – you didn’t guess that, did you?” he taunted the Housemates.

As a parting question after showing Code his highlights, IK asked him about the effect being back in the house for a second time had on him. “I almost didn’t come here, because I was in the middle of something very important to me, but I said look, if you’re given an opportunity you should rather seize it and I’m a go-getter. So here I am, a humble Malawian citizen, proud as can be, ready for the world,” he said.

With that, he departed the stage – and, as he thought, for home, as Stunner performed for a final time.

Next thing he knew, Code was being ushered blindfolded through a set of rather familiar doors. “Ok!” he exclaimed, scratching his head. “And all of a sudden I’m in a barnyard!” IK’s voice boomed over the Barn speakers as he questioned the Malawian about his whereabouts. “I’m in a barnyard – I got my cow!” he said.

The Barnmates had earlier decided to leave whoever their latest addition was, to discover things on their own for an hour – and they showed no signs of wavering as they left Code to meander through the Barn and ponder Big Brother’s latest fiendish twist.

Apart from keeping their favourite housemate in the game, viewers also stand to win great prizes each week by simply voting. This week’s winner of US$1 000 was Xholani Ncube from Zambia, while Sophie Ndaba from Namibia, picked up a DStv HD Decoder. This week, a Nokia C3 handset was also up for grabs, which was picked up by Christoscine Ndengu from Namibia.

Source: Ameyaw Debrah