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Facial Care frequent hydration is essential in skin care

Mon, 7 Jun 2021 Source: radiouniverseonline.com

Having clear skin has been the dream of many people around the world, girls especially. Many are those who buy a lot of skin care products and go through a lot just to have a clear skin.

Even though there is nothing wrong with purchasing artificial skin care products, it is very essential to learn natural ways of caring for one’s skin.

Sharing her experience, a female beautician firmly welcomed the use of organic items for her skin and shunned the idea of purchasing other inorganic items.

“I’d definitely go in for a skin care routine. Some of us have problems with our skin. Uneven skin tones, some due to genetics, some due to other factors, and all that. And there are hundreds of natural products you can use for a skin care routine. There’s tumeric, cinnamon, vinegar, honey, and all that. So are long as it’s organic and there are no chemicals involved, why not?”

She added the use of artificial skin care products might have a negative impact on an already clear skin.

“I wouldn’t want to use a skin care routine that is not natural because I have a clear skin already and I have the fear that tempering with my already clear skin might cause a negative impact on my skin. So I’d advise people to use natural skin care routines.”

For all skin types, Dermatologists advise frequent hydration, changing of pillow cases frequently, the washing of hands and wrapping of hair before sleeping and the wearing of a sunscreen for about 15 minutes everyday.

Source: radiouniverseonline.com
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