Chris Attoh talks about his Hollywood career

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 At 7.41.02 PM.png?fit=442%2C437&ssl=1 Chris Attoh, actor

Wed, 3 Feb 2021 Source: kuulpeeps.com

A Ghanaian actor who is gradually making it in Hollywood, one role at a time, is Chris Attoh, who has been featured by one of the leading magazines in Hollywood.

The actor talked to Voyage LA about moving to Hollywood for his career in his introductory feature in the magazine.

“At an early age, I was inspired by my father who was an international performer who always motivated me to be apart of something greater than myself,” Chris said.

“Watching actors such as Sidney Poitier, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Louis Gossett Junior made me want to pursue a career in film and entertainment. Shortly after my first degree, I moved to London to study acting at Pinewood Studios under Tim Kent. After doing a few acting gigs in the UK, I then moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to work for the Waka Agency, MTV Base, DSTV and MNet Africa and ended up starring in a popular soap that aired in 54 countries across Africa and in other parts of the world,” he added.

“In 2010, I branched into studying filmmaking and directing at the New York Film Academy in New York and used this training to create films and TV projects for networks in Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. I simultaneously continued to act and soon became a household name in many parts of Africa has featured in a number of hit movies some of which can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, TUBI and YouTube,” he continued.

He then shared how he moved to Nigeria to advance his career, his failed marriage and crossing over to Hollywood.

“It certainly has not been a smooth road, there has definitely been a series of ups and downs. There were times when I was really low, such as losing my partner, then my father passing away a few months after, and being torn between my family life and career. But I have learned from every challenge and I continue to grow. My experiences have brought me closer to God and have helped me overcome fear and negativity. Under similar circumstances, many people would have grown weary and given up on their hopes and dreams too soon, but I’ve decided to be living proof that dreams do come true,” he added.

Source: kuulpeeps.com