Chris Vincent writes: The truth behind the chaos and the killing of Chris Attoh’s wife

Chris Attoh Wife Bettie Jenifer Chris Attoh with his wife Bettie Jenifer

Mon, 13 May 2019 Source: jivenaija.com

I do not go for hearsay or some internet rumour and comments written by some faceless internet users when I have access to those who hold first hand reliable information on an issue.

So when it emerged that Chris Attoh’s wife, Bettie Jenifer, has become a victim of a heinous crime of shooting in the United States on her way from work, I called a close family source of the Ghanaian actor to establish the veracity of the report and to find out what the family understands as having happened.

The last time I was in Ghana, Chris Attoh walked into Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s Kokomelemele office where I was having a brief meeting on a sunny afternoon. After my meeting, I headed to the office of Ken Attoh, Chris’ senior brother, in the same building.

Chris was as usual beaming with smiles, dressed to kill—as if he was going for an afternoon tea date with Queen Elizabeth II. Some men have time to groom themselves, no matter what. It was obvious he was a happy man at a happy place.

When Chris and his ex-wife, Damilola, broke up, the blogs including one that I am the Founding Editor of, GhanaCelebrities.Com, made grave fun of him.

In fact, despite my relationship with some of his family members, I was the one to break the news that his marriage was over. Mostly, I am that heartless when I have to report a juicy scandal.

Despite my posture of lack of empathy when reporting on celebrities, every piece of bone in me broke down when I learnt that the wife of Chris Attoh, the same man we’ve tormented with words had been shot dead in a gruesome manner that “Lucifer” himself would not approve of.

What kind of sick man follows a woman with bullets until he finally fatally knocks her down with one? Or what kind of person would sanction this nefarious act against another, especially a woman?

During my conversation with a family source, I was informed that even though several threats were flying around, no one considered killing as capable of being executed. Probably, the person sending the threats from “wherever” was underestimated.

The hearts of men are full of viciousness.

Chris Attoh, I am told, found himself in a love web that was not fully transparent. He acted right by his wife and in due time, the family say they will put forward everything that’s known to help displace the internet rumours and bring those behind this horrific incident to face justice.

Another human being’s life has been taken—and Chris has lost it all.

But I hope he finds the strength to manoeuvre the pain and chaos—and the truth, as a family source told me, will soon be known.

No one deserves to die this way, not even your most hated foe.

Source: jivenaija.com
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