Christianity is not boring; wear makeup and look good – Gospel artiste

 Herty Corgie 45.png Gospel artiste, Herty Corgie

Fri, 4 Jun 2021 Source: 3news.com

Herty Corgie calls for Christians in Ghana not to be boring in worshipping God because what matters is the heart.

The Ghanaian-US based gospel artiste told MzGee in an exclusive interview that the different cultures of the US and Ghana influenced Christianity.

This response centred on the conversation about how gospel artists dress in the US. And if she had any critics about the skimpy dress she wore in her music video titled ‘Overflow’.

“No, we do not have a conversation about such issues because I think is more of a cultural thing. Here we do not look at that but rather your heart towards God. And it is more of saying that Christianity should not be boring because you can look good and still worship God the same way. But make sure that you are comfortable with what you wear. So for Ghana and the USA, that is the difference. Ghanaians pick more on these things, and the US culture keeps a lean way. Your heart should be right,” she said.

The gospel singer also spoke on the possibilities of working with other gospel artists in Ghana and fully pursuing her music in the Ghanaian market. She added that she promoted her songs and blessed the needy in society during her visit to Ghana two years ago.

“I have plans that I am working on, and last two years when I went to Ghana, I actually have a charity foundation in Ghana. So, I went to do a mini-concert with MOG, Akesse Brempong and Fiifi Forson. They were there to support me, and we raised funds to support the Weija leprosarium. What I do is when I get more proceeds from the songs that I promote, I send a part to Ghana and choose a community and bless them. Yeah, I want to come to Ghana and have an event or concert. And so it could end up be a yearly thing so my songs could leave an impact in the industry.”

Source: 3news.com
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