Comedian ANDYPLUS advises fruit sellers in new video skit 'Sweet Banana Mistress'

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Sat, 1 May 2021 Source: Skbeatz Records

New comic actor, Godfred Arthur also known as ANDYPLUS is out with a new comedy skit titled 'Sweet Banana Mistress'.

Directed and filmed by publicist and filmmaker Skbeatz Records, the skit advises on how tricksters operate to take advantage of people.

The short film tells the story of how Comedian AndyPlus and his friend tried deceiving a banana lady seller in order to steal a bunch of fruits from her.

In the end, a smart kid saves the day, draws the attention of the lady to notice the tricky plans of AndyPlus and his friend.

Though using a fruit seller for the scenario, the short skit further addresses a general concern on how trusting the wrong people can really be hurtful.

The skit also admonishes people to be mindful not to be ignorant.

Comedian AndyPlus, under the Production of Skbeatz Multimedia Records, is well determined to entertain, educate, inspire and showcase his talent to the world.

He uses Fante and English for his comedy skits.

Watch the video below:

Source: Skbeatz Records