Entertainment Thu, 23 Jun 2016

Da’ Hammer reveals why he is still relevant

Da’ Hammer of the Last Two Music Group has attributed his success in Ghana’s showbiz industry to his ability to stay unique despite the emergence of music producers and sound engineers.

According to the record producer, it is important to be identified with a trait than follow the crowd as imitating a style limits the creativity in a person.

“You tend to have that problem when you follow trends. I’m not in that category at all. I survived Zapp Mallet, Jay Q, Richie, Morris BabyFace. I survived all of them because I didn’t think like them. I thought like me. The problem with the producers now is that they always jump on the next big thing. I live in a different world. When you see Picasso’s paintings, you know. It has a signature, his paintings don’t look like Rembrandt’s. So as an artiste, why don’t you show them who you are?” he told Doreen Andoh on Joy FM’s Cosmopolitan Mix.

Edward Nana Poku Osei, as known in real life has nurtured and produced many music talents in Ghana. The likes of Obrafour, Kwaw Kese, Sarkodie, Edem and Tinny have been under his tutelage and have excelled in their respective fields.

He believes the reason behind many producers’ decision to digress from their styles is purely business.

“The business part has taken the artistic area. You can’t mix the two. You have to make sure you give the business aspect to a different department. Sometimes you need to have something in vogue that people will dance to but for a long time, you need to have your sound,” he noted.

Although Hammer admits there are talented music producers in the country, he regard non as a competition.

“I have never felt the competition. Actually, most of the new boys say I inspire them so they don’t approach me like they are competing with me. They always say, ‘that’s the old man ooo’. And I’m on very good terms with all of them. I like to encourage them because they remind me of me, a twenty-two year old boy who released ‘Pae Mu Ka’ which ended up as the highest selling Hiplife album of our time. I’m amazed when I see them play some amazing beats,” he said.

Source: abrantepa.com